A Long Term Intimate Customised Premium Personal Coaching

Don't Try to Own Your Life. Step Away. Let the Planet Do her Magic Through You!

A Brief Note before you book your consultation call with us.

Step into a transformative space where we go beyond healing.

Welcome to Free Soul Diving with Kamalika, where we first intimately and intricately guide you through profound personal healing across all facets of life. We embrace an open approach, free from preset agendas or expectations.

We then step up from survival mode into expanding our inner space into creating with peace and presence.

Whether you choose the duration of 6 months, 12 or 24, we start every month as new with a fresh discovery and rediscovery call and build on that. With monthly evaluation with us, to gauge your progress because the results must be visible in every area of your life.

In this sacred partnership, we embark on a holistic exploration of your unique challenges—be it in relationships, career, or self-discovery. This coaching is not about quick fixes; it's about delving deep into the roots of your memories, understanding how they were formed and how you can now prevent more from forming, by providing a nurturing environment for your authentic to self constantly prevail.

We navigate the intricacies of life's challenges as they unfold, addressing them organically and without haste. Through meditation, mindfulness, and personalized coaching, we unlock the power within you to face life's complexities with resilience and wisdom.

Join us on this intentional journey towards creating from LOVE, SPACE and PEACE — where your concerns are met with an open heart, your growth is celebrated, and your transformation is at the forefront of our purpose. Together, let's turn this possibility into your reality.

Don't Try to Own Your Life. Step Away. Let the Planet Do her Magic Through You!

6+ Months

Why The Call?

This is a 2 part call.

Call 1 – we listen to you deeply, also guide you to deep diving into your challenges and navigating and prioritising your current goals.

aprox 90 Minutes.

Call 2 (in 5-7 days) – we guide you into discovering your long term challenge and how we can help and if it’s personal coaching you want then we proceed further as per your requirements.

aprox 60 Minutes.

If you choose to not go ahead with us we will still give you complimentary access to a 15 days self paced course that will help you in the long run.

Premium Personalised Coaching- Option to choose from 6, 12 or 24 months 2 – 3 calls per week every month, week 4 being a free week for evaluation and rest.

Note: this coaching starts from 700000/- +* INR.

The details are shared post our final call as this is fully personalised, as per your life situations and altering goals and availability.

Note: We are going to not negotiate on our teaching principles and break a lot of myths, train you to unlearn constructs. Join only when you can fully trust our work and surrender to the process. We do not endorse psychic thinking and circling in loops of past lives and astral zones. We guide you to establish your connection with your Body and Mind. Withdraw inwards and understand how the Body works and the mind comprehends. Regulate your nervous system to aid the Brain into supporting your stepping up from your comfort zone. We are going to also ask you to start training and practising Yoga, or any forms of Martial Arts, Swimming or Classical Dance. Any form of physical movement that is deeply based on the Principles of uninting the Mind Body and Spirit.

~see you inside the program~