Go to the Future

An Imaginary Idea, Guided & Influenced by Our Past Stories Bursting to be Unraveled and Lived.

This is a live only class
For the curious mind.

Future is numerous possibilities;
not certainties.

What's this about?

We are trying to look at the future through the lens of the right now; in turn, pulling us backwards. Thereby, jeopardising the future.
In our heads we are going to the future with our present limited conditioning, just to push it further ahead; or worse, wipe it out.

By focusing on the desired future you are simply boosting your ego. Instead of taking your body & nervous system into confidence, you are confiding in your imaginary fear, guarded by your ego, governed by past trauma memories.

Why is it a live only process?

Balancing the Elements and the Chakras brings about immense mental clarity. It is through a clear mind we take conscious, clear & empowered action. What follows is 100% accountability for the situations we face in our daily life. This in effect removes victim mode from your life. It's your life, you decide how you lead it & how you experience it.

Future - A Powerhouse of Possibilities

They say live in the now. But they don't teach us how. The best book I have lain my hands on so far is the Yoga Sutras by patanjali, the second best is Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, however to understand both, one needs to have deeper understanding of how thoughts work, because these books are intended for someone who is genuinely keen on doing the work, making the effort and start to live in the now.
Now thoughts of FUTURE is not be overlooked because without a reference to even an imaginary timeline, we humans won't be able to understand the NOW. We are conditioned and well trained on time. In Fact the concept of time is hammered down to us so much that I at times feel is it some kind of a conspiracy theory to keep us busy brooding over the past and worrying about the future, so that we remain compulsive and a slave to the society and its gimmicks?
Any thoughts of future must be looked deep into and taken into consideration with respect to the right now. What is missing right now; like literally in this moment. Why do you even want something and simultaneously consider it to be only achievable sometime later(in respect to the emotion)? Why can't you feel or experience it right now?
Why would peace be experienced only if you shift to the hills? The view? The quiet? The no pollution?
NOTE: This is a spiritual process & it will only work if you give it your dedication & respect & follow it with discipline.
This Program has an initiation prayer or a Sankalp. Closes with a closing prayer & surrender.


Depression !

197.3 million people were suffering from various mental disorders in India that is one in seven or 14.3 per cent of the population.