Clarity + Letting Go + Facing Fears + Overcoming Loss = Manifestation.

अथ योगानुशासनम् ॥१.१॥

A 3 Days Live Class + 9 Days Recorded Self Practice.

15th to 17th March 2024 - (announcing next batch soon)

Your desires are not your own. Every desire belongs to the universe.
Just like you are, a part of the universe.
Are you willing & ready to hold space within you so the universe may flow through you, unhindered?

Any Block Is Always In Your Energy.
It Only Reflects Through Your Mind, Situations Or People In Your Daily Life.

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Unblocking Manifestation?

IF you going through

What You Should Do ?

In order to manifest, you must know what you want, clearly. More than that you must know what you don’t want; or if you simply want it to look cool or prove a point. Once you have charted out what you don’t want and listed down clearly what you want, you are way ahead in your journey. As now you are no more shooting in the dark in reference to your feelings; where an array of desires keeps you confused.  Now you have a plan and a clear roadmap.

My favourite book remains The Bhagavad Gita. The famous Shloka that many know and talk about but not everyone lives by its truth. Just do your work and do not attach to the outcome. This program focuses on helping you just do the work with all your might and also let go of the attachments. By virtue, you learn by example how attachment to expectations only limits your manifestation process. As you do not let the intelligence of life take over, and energetically try to limit the possibilities through calculations guided by your past experiences. Can you ever create something as vast & unique as the universe itself? If no is your answer, then is it not better to leave it in the hands of someone who specialises in this field? The Universe itself?

Fears and feelings of discomfort are one of the primary reasons you falter and resist taking the necessary steps to reach your goals and achieve and fulfilling your dreams. Know, acknowledge, face and let go of your fears. Even if you do not wish to achieve something you thought you did, it should not be governed and influenced by fears. But by conscious & free will.

In order to reach from here to let’s say there (anywhere), you have to leave this place and start walking – a few steps, a few metres, kilometres, states or countries.
If you consider leaving to be a loss, then you may not partake in the journey and thus won’t reach anywhere.
Now by consciously & with a calm state of mind, looking at what you consider to be a loss versus your motivation towards what you want, you can now make a choice to either face the loss or accepting not taking the journey. You won’t blame time or fate. You know you made the choice.

Own it. Why can’t we own it? 
Because if we do we might as well have to detach from victimhood or the poor me syndrome; also I Am a good person syndrome – to which we have been attached far too long.

Every time you control an outcome or the end result – (well can you truly control anything at all? Other than your own response to the situations?); you are simply trying to force a future outcome basis your past conditioning or knowledge.

Drop it. Honour the Empty Space Creation you have learnt during this program and allow life to surprise and take its own course.

Why aren't you manifesting?

You don't and cannot manifest just what you want, but only that which you are ready to become. From the little daily joys to the larger goals driven by life itself. If you pay attention, true dream fulfilment is really that which is enjoyed along the journey as well. To be able to fully enjoy life is true surrender, only in complete surrender manifestation happens. Not the things that you just want, but those that you walk towards.


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