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मैत्रीकरुणामुदितोपेक्षाणां सुखदुःखपुण्यापुण्यविषयाणां भावनातश्चित्तप्रसादनम् ॥ १.३३ ॥

A 8 Days 7 Night Residential Meditation Program

A 8 Days Residential & Deeper Meditation Program

"What if all you ever needed
was a shift in your outlook"

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Exploring Local life style

Tour of the local heritage Sites

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We are at a high altitude and this is a Meditation Program. Please consider this before enquiring. It's not a holiday and your sincerity & commitment to the program & basic physical fitness is of utmost importance.

Let's break the human chain of stress together

Let's pursue spirituality as not a problem solver but a way to reach much higher life goals.

8 days


Original Price 39999/-

*Offer Price is available till 28th May 2023

**Post 28th May price increases to 32999/- as we have to make separate arrangements.

  • 8 days of the Program 
  • Introduction to a deeper self-healing technique.
  • Daily Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions.
  • Philosophy Classes.
  • Guided Journaling Sessions.
  • Group discussions.
  • Village Walk & Farm Visit.
  • Day Tours & Camping.
  • Stories under a Starry Night.
  • Limited Seats – 12 -16

Upcoming Dates

value offered

Courses + Contents + Lessons 

Day 2 = 7500/-

Day 3 + 4 = 7500

Day 5, 6, 7 = 5000 X 3 = 15000

Day 8 = 3500/-

Program Fee  =33500/-

Fee for Summer 2023 = 19499/-

1 Complimentary Intuitive Reading & Guidance - 10699 X 1 = 10699

Please take a prior appointment with Kamalika on day 1 for this. She will take the guidance during her own personal practice sessions.

Per Person - 1500 - 1800 per day twin sharing basis.
Plus other food charges during our day tours.

Approx - 10500 - 12600/-

Manali to Lahaul - 3500 (3-4 seats)

Lahaul to Manali - 3500 (3-4 seats)

Lahaul Half-Day Tour - 2000/- per day (3-4 seats)

Lahaul Full-Day Tour - 3500/- per day (3-4 seats)

We do not charge for any of the hikes or day camping.

Everything is on the house. Share your wishes with us, if we can find the time we would love to fulfil them for you.

We are not tour operators. We do everything by ourselves.

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I AM Kamalika

My name is Kamalika Roy and I am a meditation practitioner with over 23 years of experience. I have also been trained in spiritual healing for 6 years. I have helped my self and many individuals through my meditation training sessions and workshops

“To Overcoming Negative Emotions, Anxiety And Overthinking.”

So, Join My Mission To Break The Human Chain Of Stress.

Program Details

Manali 1 Day Stay with 2 meals to acclimatize.

Manali to Lahaul Taxi

Lahaul to Manali Taxi

Double or Triple Sharing Stay with shared bathrooms.

All Meals. Vegetarian. Simple, light on the stomach food. No maggie, coffee & fast food is allowed. Don't buy chips from our local vendor during your evening free time. Since it's a high altitude - we will give you 1 small bar of chocolate during our long-distance travel.

We encourage you to have more fruits & stay hydrated.

Hikes & Mini Day Camping(as per weather)

Half-Day Tour.

Full Day Tour.

Travel from your home to Manali.
Travel back to your home from Manali.

Manali city tour or any other expenses.

Toiletries & Medicines.

If you want any extra inclusions please let us know.

Your personal medicines. 


Quick Dry Towel.

Hiking Shoes (Basic)

Yoga Mat (optional)

Water bottle (no plastic)

Anything you feel is necessary.

We will create a temp WhatsApp group to help you pack 1 week prior.

You may use the Payment link -  a portal fee is charged by the portal.

For Manual Payments please contact Kamalika via WhatsApp at +91-8219440951. Google pay, Paytm, bank transfers (current ac).

You must register with 100% payment anytime before 20 Days of the program start date.

The booking amount is 15000, till 20 days before the program starts with or without the offer price. 

Full Payment is to be made before 20 days of the program start date.

We are at somewhat a remote location. It is high altitude & this is a small group program.

There are several steps & wings to the reservations we do. Please consider all this before booking. Please hold your bookings if you have a shadow of a doubt. 
Zero refund on Cancellations 20 Days before the Program.

Clear your payment 20 days prior to the program.

You can cancel for a full refund anytime 30 days before the program starts. No questions asked.

If you have paid through the portal, the portal fee won't be refunded. If you have directly paid us, & meet our cancellation policy, & wish to cancel we will initiate an immediate refund without deducting any fee.

Do you even need this?

Do you mostly feel lost? In your career, personal life? Overall do you feel fulfilled by the end of each day? Don’t take it casually. It is possible to feel fulfilled. You can, wherever you are, in whatever line of work you are; any life situation you may be in, it is possible to live a fulfilled daily life. It is possible to achieve excellence in everything you do in life. Nature did not make a second you. Why is it not something to be taken into consideration and start building a life that is yours and is run as per you. You and life being on the same page.

Being anxious is lack of trust in the intelligence that you already are. Everything you need is right before your eyes, getting reflected from the intelligence you are. You aren’t born with it. You are it. Fully. You aren’t looking close enough. These 4.5 days you experience that intelligence vibrating at a unique pace. That pace is your life. You are not going to be sprinkled with any magic dust or handed over a magic wand. You will simply be made available to the present moment, so you can see for yourself the walking talking magnificence you already are. Is it less than any magic? To know yourself fully?

You are missing the key point here. You are missing grace and gratitude. You know why? Because you think you are entitled. No one is entitled. You choose for yourself what you want. Every moment you are making a choice. That choice is happening from unawareness and compulsion. You are choosing from the stories you have been telling yourself. That of limited perception and disempowered daily life choices. There are a lot of NO than there are YES. Can we convert the NO into KNOW and then to YES? I will show you how to do it. I wish you choose to choose you everyday, and not the perceptions you have acquired over time of yourself, through others.

Because all of the above caused your body to lose confidence that you will keep it alive and protected. All the confusion has caused the body to be in a permanent state of alert. As per the natural protection mechanism of the body, in a state of alarm, it wont sleep. Even if it doses off it will be light sleep. No proper REST achieved. No HEALING done. We will learn basic sleep hygiene. Which is also a lifelong commitment to yourself, that you will then follow. Also encourage others at home to follow. This will ensure you live a life of authenticity, respect for the mind, body & spirit and your own personal service to the planet. A healed you is a healed planet through you. 

~see you inside Project Alive~


Depression !

197.3 million people were suffering from various mental disorders in India that is one in seven or 14.3 per cent of the population.