HEAL and MANIFEST Workshop

2 Days Online / 2.5 hrs a day

Unlock your Inner Intelligence : Learn How To
Heal Your Past & Manifest Your Dream Life

By someone who has done it before

I will be your Coach for 2 Days

Kamalika Roy

Meditation & Calrity Coach

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What will change in Your Life Long Term?

What will you learn in the 2 day Online Workshop

Learn how to identify and address the root cause of all your problems and heal them.

How to empty your mind of beliefs and patterns and allow the universal free flow to start flowing through you

Understanding The fundamentals of Mind Body Spirit using 3 important natural techniques - Breath, Body Awareness and Perception or Assumptions.

Practical steps to Navigating Karmic Patterns and finally freeing yourself from them

How to stop being a victim of your circumstances and become the creator of your life by raising your vibration

Learning how you are destroying your own manifesting power, then take charge

This could be your life

Living a Life of Balance Between Material & Spiritual

Once you learn how to master your relationship with yourself you will naturally start attracting more wealth and opportunities in life.

rebuilding Loving and Nurturing Relationships

Your relationships will improve - both with yourself and others, as you embrace the understanding of Life and SELF practically through experience.

Healed and Peaceful Version of you

When you empty yourself of trauma memories - you will start to experience a sense of freedom and Inner Peace

Master your Mindset & Create a Life you Love

The aligned mindset will help you achieve all your goals with ease and you will live a life of Purpose and Passion

Get Bonuses Worth Rs.9999

How to Use Affirmations the Right Way.

Inner Child and The Trapped Human Perception - a Glimpse into why we have a complex mindset

Mindset Shift - From Survival to Thriving

Ancestry and Past Lives - a Yogi's Perspective - A Glimpse into Why we are the way we are

Success Stories

Know your Coach

Kamalika Roy

Kamalika Roy has been in the Personal Development Industry for the last 10+ years, a meditation practitioner for over 23 years and a coach for 10+ years. She has impacted over 1200+ people and personally coached 250+ people to live a holistic life by helping them heal their Traumas, Empty their Subconscious beliefs and Live their Dream lives with Proven Healing techniques.

She is very passionate about helping people unlock their potential and live a life of abundance and is on a mission to break the Human Chain of Stress to impact not just us humans, but also animals, plants and the planet overall.


When you understand what beliefs are stopping you from becoming your best self and work on it by healing yourself- You will live the life of your dreams.

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