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Are You Feeling Trapped in your Own Life?

They say we have just one life. I agree. But what they don’t say is, so does everyone else. Every human, animal, bird,insect and marine life. This realization moves us away from selfishness, lack of compassion and victimhood and liberates us to total Freedom. It suggests that we all are fighting our own internal and external battles. Trying our best to navigate the complexities of life as per human constructs. This program doesn’t guarantee your circumstances will change miraculously, that would be a dishonest sales pitch peddled by many. What it does guarantee is complete transparency in your mindset, perceptions and vision, so you can step up. And do what? Take control and charge of the driver’s seat of your life? Nope. So you can step up and surrender fully to the Planet and allow her to LEAD YOU to total FREEDOM.

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9 Reasons to Join This Program..

Reason #1: Know your Personal Challenges Through Multiple Guided Questionnaires

Nature has a calming effect on the mind. Spending time in natural settings, such as forests, parks, or by the sea, can significantly reduce stress levels and help alleviate the triggers of overthinking.

Reason #2: Identify Your Core Challenge & with our Guidance Self Create a Plan to Fix It.

Nature encourages mindfulness and being present in the moment. The beauty and tranquility of natural environments naturally shift your focus away from constant rumination, helping you to stay grounded.

Reason #3: Choose from Pre customised Solutions for your Identified Problem

Engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, walking, or simply taking in the fresh air promotes physical well-being. Exercise releases endorphins, which can counteract the negative effects of overthinking.

Reason #4: Start working on the Challenge Weekly Basis with Guided Self Evaluation

Nature's beauty often sparks creativity and inspiration. It allows your mind to wander and generate fresh ideas, diverting your thoughts from overthinking patterns.

Reason #5: Re evaluate every week and repeat the process till 100% resolved

Nature provides a healthy distraction from the mental loops of overthinking. Observing wildlife, admiring landscapes, or even tending to a garden can divert your attention and break the cycle of rumination.

Reason #6: Option to further choose from our customised self paced, group and 1:1 Coaching Programs

The ever-changing and cyclical nature of the outdoors reminds us of the impermanence of thoughts and feelings. This can help you disconnect from excessive worry about the past or future.

Reason #7: Not a Temporary Guilt Driven Solution. But a permanent lifestyle that Promises Steady Growth and daily Fulfilment

Exposure to natural light during the day and a dark, quiet environment at night can regulate your circadian rhythms, promoting better sleep. Quality rest can significantly reduce overthinking.

Reason #8: Boosted Well-being

Research has shown that connecting with nature leads to increased feelings of happiness and well-being. This emotional boost can counteract the negative emotions associated with overthinking.

Reason #9: Holistic Healing

Many traditional and alternative therapies incorporate nature as a healing element. Techniques like ecotherapy and forest bathing have been developed to specifically address mental health concerns, including overthinking.

6 Additional Bonuses worth INR 15000/-

The Bonuses are shared via complimentary self-paced and guided exercises, an ebook, worksheets and downloadable audio files.

Bonus #1: How to Use Affirmations in the Right Way.

Affirmations are positive statements used to challenge negative thoughts and beliefs. By remaining aware of affirmations regularly, individuals can cultivate a mindset of self-empowerment and optimism.

Bonus #2: How to Talk to the Body - An Embodiment Skill

Communicating with the body involves mindful awareness and listening to its signals. It requires acknowledging physical sensations, emotions, and needs without judgment. Through practices like meditation, exercise, and self-care, one can establish a harmonious dialogue with the body, promoting holistic well-being.

Bonus #3: Positive vs Negative Self Talk - An Absolute Target Based Daily Use Tool

Positive self-talk involves affirming, encouraging dialogue that fosters self-belief and resilience. Negative self-talk, conversely, manifests as critical, undermining inner dialogue that diminishes self-esteem and hinders progress. Cultivating positive self-talk enhances confidence, motivation, and mental well-being, while challenging negative patterns promotes self-compassion and growth mindset.

Bonus #4: Manifestation - From Survival to Thriving

Moving from survival to thriving involves transcending mere existence to live a fulfilling, purpose-driven life. It entails shifting from basic needs fulfillment to personal growth, meaningful connections, and self-actualization. This journey requires resilience, self-awareness, and proactive steps toward holistic well-being.

Bonus #5: Inner Child and The Trapped Human Perception

The inner child represents unresolved emotions and experiences from childhood. Trapped human perception refers to ingrained beliefs that limit personal growth. Integrating the inner child involves acknowledging and healing past wounds to foster emotional maturity.

Bonus #6: Ancestry and Past Lives from a Yogi's perspective

Ancestry connects individuals to their familial lineage, influencing traits and behaviors. Past lives suggest reincarnation and carry over experiences from previous existences. Exploring ancestry offers insight into cultural heritage and familial patterns

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