Beyond expectations ! A program that gives a simple structured approach to look inside and get our own answers and clarity

I joined this program after recommendation from my friend Priyanka who had phenomenal results from her ancestral program. My only intention & expectation out of the I AM program when I joined was to be able to get in to practicing meditation on daily basis so I can go inward & get answers to all my questions. Even though I myself have been doing meditations for a while, i felt something was missing to be able to get to the state I want to be in. I also have been doing multiple types of healing with other healers and they helped me immensely as well. But, I was having this urge and nudge to get inside to have my own answers instead of going and looking for outside help all the time. It’s time for me to go inward for more depth. The program not just did that, it also gave me a simple process to use in my daily life. As soon as I started with the program, I witnessed clarity and decluttered some aspects of my life just in the first few days of the program. By the end of program, I could feel altogether peace, calmness , clarity, easiness and being more present in the moment and day to day life. I am now on the Inner Child healing program with her. Kamalika is a pure soul with the purest intentions and when a program comes through such person and you completely surrender & let it happen , you learn to and start BEING.

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