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1. Self Healing Karma & Past Lives

The version of My Soul and Your Soul is the version of the EGO. There is just Awareness & Consciousness. You are that. Tat Tvam Asi. I AM That. Aham Brahmasmi.

Q & A By a Seeker

Before starting to know what Karma is let’s first face the ultimate reality which is forever there, whether you acknowledge it or not.
सर्वकर्माणि मनसा संन्यस्यास्ते सुखं वशी।
नवद्वारे पुरे देही नैव कुर्वन्न कारयन् ॥5- 13

Bhagvad Gita. Ch 5 Verse 13

The embodied beings who are self-controlled and detached reside happily in the city of nine gates, free from thinking they are the doers or the cause of anything.

The translation is taken from the Sanskrit Channel 

Let me elaborate on it. If after reading this you realise The Self, The Existence, then there is no karma because you are not seeing yourself as the doer anymore. You are no longer separate or independent of the Existence itself.
Only when Self-Knowledge has not been achieved and when one is ignorant, there is karma. When one is only identifying with one’s body the City of Nine Gates = 2 Ears + 1 Mouth + 2 Nostrils + 2 Eyes + 1 Anus + 1 Genital Organ; one cannot consider one to be the existence. There is too much attachment and doing and too little space to BE.

Let me give one more reference to make it simpler for you:

उदेति भवतो विश्वं वारिधेरिव बुद्बुदः।
इति ज्ञात्वैकमात्मानं एवमेव लयं व्रज॥5- 2॥

Ashtaavakra Gita. Ch 5 Verse 2

The universe rises from you like bubbles rising from the sea. Thus know the Atman to be one and enter even thus into (the state of) Dissolution.

The translation is taken from the Book Ashtavakra Samhita. Translated by Swami NityaSwarupananda, Advaita Ashram 


Now if this is not yet your reality then read along….

The word KARMA literally translates to action. Now if you sit with this and contemplate a little on it then before taking action even a mental decision prior to that action, is a natural response that is rising within you. If you are attached to its cause and effect you are considering it to be your Karma.

Thereby, it is not just the action alone, but the first RESPONSE that emerged in you naturally, whether you acted upon it or not, can be considered your Karma.

I invite you to meditate/contemplate on it a little deeper.

Can we call the basic functioning of our body Karma?

Yes, we can. Our body is alive and active and is constantly responding to the process of life.

Will you be constantly bothered about how your heart is beating, digestion is happening, and breath reaching the body through blood vessels? 

I don’t think so.

Do you worry that, because you have bad Karma the next breath might not come? 
No right? It would be ridiculous to fathom such a mindset.

Then my question to you my friend is, why is the above not yet your reality? 

Now let us go a little deeper – 
Your existence, which you refer to as “my life,” is essentially a complex combination of energetic information. Memories or data.

From the time that you were born till this very moment that you are reading this, your response to life is heavily dependent on the past impressions that influenced your perception. 

Everything that has gone into you knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly has caused you to become who you are right now. 

Therefore, The Karmic Body is the Causal Body. 

Unless you wake up and learn to look at life from a far-off perspective you will continue to perceive Life to be entirely causal.

There are 4 layers of Karma or Action that is happening naturally – 

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Energy or Vibrational

There are 3 Types of Karma or Action:

Sanchita Karma – The Entire load of memory right from the start of Life itself.

Prarabdh – I call this your inheritance.

Aagami – what’s next?
Basis the actions you are now taking, an effect or impression is happening in you. That will give rise to numerous possibilities in the immediate or distant future. Therefore Aagami is simply numerous possibilities. And thus, is to an extent in your control.

Too much noise on this topic. Past Life.

The version that says My Soul and Your Soul is the version of the EGO.
What is Ego?
Your self-protection mechanism of the inherent fear of Fear itself.

We discussed above, our attachment with the 9 gates and self-identification with them. This is the reason we consider the concept of the Soul to be an individual identity. And therefore the half-baked theory of ‘in my past life, I was this and I was that’.

This is a highly restricted perspective. And focusing solely on past life healing can lead to ignorance and obsession with the past, trapping you in an endless loop of questioning why it happened, rather than reaching liberation.

There is no end to your healing. Because there is practically no end to your perceptions. Past lives are simply impressions and perceptions that we have inherited. It really is that simple.

My wise mother once said – how many wounds are you carrying that your healing never stops? That very week I realised that the missing piece of the puzzle was my perception of my perceptions. Whatever perceptions I am observing, instead of observing them to be energetic vibrations, I am creating more perceptions, thereby impressions on me. It’s a never-ending loop and every moment I am choosing to stay trapped under its wraps. My mother is straightforward and I grew up that way. Instead of feeling Oh! Poor me, I have more of a solution-oriented mindset. That very week I stopped my never-ending healing process that I mistook as dedication. And I have never looked back since then. Never felt better in my life before that day.
If you do not understand something, how will you ever make it your reality? If you get attached to the process of understanding, the path that was meant to liberate you, it’s not the fault of that path. The fault lies in your understanding of it. The path, in fact, all paths lead us to pure consciousness. Let me give you an example here. If you want to travel from New Delhi to New York. You have a connecting flight from Frankfurt, Germany. Instead of boarding the onward flight, you decided to explore Frankfurt. You stayed there for a few days and went onwards to your original path. But if you start considering Frankfurt to be New York then is it the fault of Frankfurt? You twisted your perception. Own it. Move on.

There is just One Soul or Consciousness. Atman – Self. Which is Brahman – Forever in expansion.

You are that. Tat Tvam Asi.

I AM That Brahman. Aham Brahmasmi.


Therefore Past Life can simply be put as all the memories & impressions ever registered in the Journey of every single PERCEPTION/MANIFESTATION of the Journey of The Soul.

What you consider to be a Past Life Baggage, creating a hurdle in the smooth flow of your current life, are the numerous little filters or impressions through which you perceive every event of your life. That you acquired along the journey till the here and now.

How you perceive is how you are going to respond to life situations right?

If you are able to drop your attachment to your body and senses and emotions right now, you are realised. 
You are free. You are beyond Healing.

Because you are not growing or evolving, you are simply closing in, to realising what you already are. You are complete or purna (पूर्ण) right now. Can healing therefore be considered as simply a change in your perspective?


If there is still attachment and identification then read along.

Healing is required when you consider yourself fragmented or wounded.

However, if Brahman and Pure Consciousness is your reality and not just your area of interest or knowledge, then you don’t need healing.

If not then read along:

Reasons why one should heal themselves:

  1. Physical Health: Healing supports the body’s natural ability to recover from illness, injury, and stress, promoting physical well-being and vitality.

  2. Emotional Well-being: Emotional healing helps process and release negative emotions, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, leading to greater emotional resilience.

  3. Mental Clarity: Healing allows for mental clarity by addressing unresolved issues, reducing mental clutter, and enhancing decision-making abilities.

  4. Spiritual Growth: Healing fosters spiritual growth and self-discovery, connecting individuals with their inner selves and a deeper sense of purpose.

  5. Relationships: Healing improves relationships by resolving conflicts, addressing past traumas, and fostering better communication and understanding.

  6. Self-Empowerment: It empowers individuals to take control of their lives, make positive changes, and break free from limiting beliefs or behaviours.

  7. Improved Quality of Life: Healing leads to an improved overall quality of life, including better physical health, emotional stability, and a greater sense of fulfillment.

  8. Increased Resilience: Healing builds resilience, helping individuals cope with life’s challenges and bounce back from adversity.

  9. Self-Awareness: Healing encourages self-awareness, helping individuals understand their emotions, triggers, and motivations.

  10. Joy and Fulfillment: It enables individuals to experience more joy, happiness, and fulfillment in their daily lives.

  11. Preventative Health: Healing practices can prevent the buildup of stress and emotional baggage that can lead to physical and mental health issues.

  12. Personal Growth: Healing is a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, facilitating positive changes and personal development.

  13. Harmonious Living: It promotes harmonious living, both within oneself and in interactions with others, fostering a sense of peace and balance.

  14. Reduced Suffering: Healing reduces suffering by addressing the root causes of pain, trauma, and emotional distress.

  15. Enhanced Well-Being: Ultimately, healing contributes to enhanced well-being on all levels, creating a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Remember that healing is a personal journey, and its significance varies from person to person. The reasons to heal may differ based on individual experiences and needs, but the ultimate goal is to lead a more balanced, joyful, and purposeful life.


Any block is always in your energy. It only reflects through your mind, situations or people in your daily life.

As a human race, we are most probably the only species that has the opportunity to become what we strive for. The fact that we are the only species that can even strive and aspire to become anything.

Our possibilities do not have any limit. We can transcend consciously. What our ancestors knew, we already carry deep within the intelligence of the body. When we become aware of this intelligence, and take actions consciously and with awareness, we are simply choosing to move beyond our Karmic baggage and achieve great heights as spiritual beings. Freeing ourselves completely.

A few points to note to figure out if you need to heal are:

  1. Patterns running in your life or in your family.
  2. Genetic Disorders.
  3. Troubled by Spirits or Stuck energy interventions.
  4. Recurrent dreams of a particular story from various angles.
  5. Property or business disputes.
  6. Stuck in general.
  7. Marital discord is almost similar to either your parents or someone in your previous generation or the same.
  8. Mental health challenges.
  9. Unable to take action even when you know it is necessary.
  10. Anything that makes you feel uneasy, or uncomfortable and you cannot seem to find a fix on your own or cannot trace the reasons consciously.

The concept is not limited to this list and to each our own. Be open and you would know if you are carrying a Pitr Dosha or a Past Life baggage in your lineage.

Healing is a personal choice. Whether to or not to is a personal choice. The way your life is right now, it will continue to be this way and daily life situations has the potential to fix themselves on their own if you allow the process by pulling yourself out of ego, fears and control. If you let life take its course and stop interfering. 

Does life have any alternative? 
Can you deny the reality that there is a subtle awareness in everything that you are doing?
If forever a witness to that reality is your personal reality, then you are Whole already. And this question is irrelevant to you.

If this is not your reality and you want to see it for real, then read along.

Steps to Self Heal

Healing Karma is easy only when you understand what is Karma & Past Life and how it affects your day-to-day life. Else why even bother?

  1. Let’s say your life currently is stuck in a certain pattern. Take your own example and write it down on a fresh sheet.
  2. Write about the whole situation. The repetitiveness and the patterns. Also write, every time this happens how do you feel? How do you deal with it? And what are the steps and measures you took so far? Do not edit anything, just write. Don’t rush. Take your time. That’s the whole point, to be able to observe and identify.
  3. Did you notice, that during every single event, your experience was not the same? It changes and something else comes up in you. There are more differences, than there are similarities. The brain or the mind wants to see similarities to stay in control, hence your focus is always on what’s similar and what just repeated itself.
  4. The pattern feels stuck because you are looking at it from your current perceptibility. 
  5. When it happens again it’s a new perspective from which you are looking at it. The difference may be subtle, but if you are honest and transparent with your journaling, you will notice the remarkable difference from one episode to the next.
  6. Therefore, you are healing anyway. But because the process is slow and you are mostly distracted with your addictive coping mechanisms you aren’t noticing it.

Let’s understand how unresolved past life stories and memories or Karma are affecting us right now.

  • Imagine you are wearing a pair of glasses that got multiple coloured glasses attached on top of one another.
  • When you are looking at your room through this cocktail of colours can you for sure tell the exact colours of the object in front of you? NO! No one can.
  • Is it not wise to simply remove this strange arrangement of glasses and look at the objects in the room with clear sight? 
  • The impressions of all those ancestors as your Past Life Karma is directly influencing your overall outlook on life. What you call your opinion is simply multiple factors influencing your decision-making. You are not free. You are a constant shadow of your dead ancestors.
  • As Buddha said most likely – The right perspective is all perspective or no perspective. Only then are you truly free.

And till the time this is your reality you may continue to investigate what are the reasons that are keeping you from this reality.

We are always ready to bring multiple solutions to any challenge in your self-healing you might get stuck with. 
Let’s Begin with a simple and easily doable Free Self Healing Program.

Approach the idea of past lives with an open and curious mindset. Be willing to explore this concept without rigid beliefs or expectations.

Make intense amounts of mental effort to break the patterns and rigidity that will come up as you go about cleansing your energy and breaking your karmic cycles.

Journaling Prompts for setting Intentions and Goals for healing past lives. Followed by recorded meditation audio for self-practice.

  1. Reflect on Your Current Life: Begin by describing your current life situation, including your emotions, challenges, and areas where you seek healing.
  2. Past-Life Beliefs creating absurd situations: Explore your beliefs and feelings in areas/situations that you find logically absurd, but they still continue to invade your current life. 
  3. Identify Patterns: Reflect on recurring patterns or themes in your life that might be connected to past life experiences. Are there situations or emotions that seem to repeat themselves? Make pointers.
  4. Unexplained Emotions: Write about any unexplained emotions or fears you have in your current life. Are there emotions that seem to have no clear cause in your present circumstances?
  5. Recurring Dreams: Describe any recurring dreams or vivid dreams that feel connected to past lives. What details or emotions stand out in these dreams?
  6. Phobias or Aversions: Explore any phobias, aversions, or strong preferences you have in your current life. Are there any specific triggers or situations that provoke intense emotions?
  7. Karmic Relationships: Consider your relationships with others. Are there people in your life with whom you have a strong connection or a sense of unresolved issues? How do they make you feel?
  8. Intuition and Gut Feelings: Reflect on instances of strong intuition, gut feelings, or deja vu experiences. How do they make you feel?
  9. Desired Healing: Identify areas in your life where you seek healing or personal growth. Through healing what emotion do you want to experience?
  10. Setting Intentions: Write down your intentions for healing past lives. What do you hope to achieve through this exploration? How will it benefit your current life?
  11. Tracking Progress: Create a journaling plan to track your progress and insights as you delve deeper into healing past lives. What milestones or discoveries do you hope to achieve along the way?

    Remember that journaling is a personal and introspective process. There are no right or wrong answers, and your beliefs and experiences are unique to you. Use these prompts as a starting point to delve into your thoughts and feelings regarding past-life healing and intention setting.

    Once you are ready, use the following audio as your daily Meditation Guide to help you heal your past life Karmic residual energy, that is proving to be baggage.


This particular lesson should be your first guide and once you have somewhat understood it for a few days or week, we recommend then proceed with the following for a much faster progress.

Recorded Meditations for Healing Past Life Karma
Let us help you with initial hand-holding.

Dig deeper and practice with a structured, self-paced and guided mini-program.

Opt-in for 1:1 Coaching

2 Self Clearing the 6 Chakras

Clearing your Chakras time to time takes care of most subtle challenges, paves your path towards deeper healing or shifts.

Q & A By a Seeker

We are constantly interacting and communicating with our surroundings, people, life situations, and the world at large. Everything leaves an impact on us even if momentarily. Our days are shaped and influenced by society, communities, relationships and their value systems. Internally communication and interaction are happening through the Chakras. As they are energy centres, naturally they may get blocked and for sure need to be cleansed & balanced from time to time. This simple, yet detailed program releases blocks from your chakras, and balances align them to be ready for the current moment.

Blocked root chakra blocks security.

Inactive Sacral Chakra brings displeasure.

Overactive Solar Plexus meddles with your fear & ego.

Underactive Heart Chakras deprives one of love

Suppressed Throat Chakra makes one a poor communicator.

A Third Eye crisis ensures you lack trust in your own intuition & knowing.

Healing is a personal choice. Whether to or not to is a personal choice. The way your life is right now, it will continue to be this way and daily life situations has the potential to fix themselves on their own if you allow the process by pulling yourself out of ego, fears and control. If you let life take its course and stop interfering. 

Does life have any alternative? 
Can you deny the reality that there is a subtle awareness in everything that you are doing?
If forever a witness to that reality is your personal reality, then you are Whole already. And this question is irrelevant to you.

If this is not your reality and you want to see it for real, then read along.

Steps to Self Heal

To help you start yourself healing, we have added a list of recorded chakras clearing meditations, easily accessible from YouTube. Link below.

We are always ready to bring multiple solutions to any challenge in your self-healing you might get stuck with. 
Let’s Begin with a simple and easily doable Free Self Healing Program.


Get into the habit of Journaling post Meditation every day &/or before going to bed.

Write general thoughts, how was your day, and anything significant or noteworthy. 

After 7-8 days take out time and read what you have written down. 

This simple practice will lead you to understand how you are perceiving life.

Once you understand your own mind it’s your ticket to complete mental freedom.

And yes, it will take practice guided by daily meditation.


Let us help you with initial hand-holding.

Dig deeper and practice with a structured, self-paced and guided mini-program.

Opt-in for 1:1 Coaching

3. Healing Overthinking

Coming Soon

4. Healing Your Inner Child

Coming Soon!

5. Healing Sleep

A Webinar

STEPS to Fix your Sleep Permanently

• Move. The best is yoga – lifelong. Swimming, jogging, hiking.
•  Feed yourself trauma-free. Whether food or thoughts.
• Yama & Niyama must be your lifestyle. Explained below. 
YAMA – Self-Discipline — Practices here are
1. ahinsA – Non-Violence.
2. satya – Truthfulness.
3. asteya – Non-Stealing.
4. brahmcharya – Being in the Path of the Divine.
5. Aparigrahar – Non-Covetousness
Niyama – Strict-Regimen — Practices here are
1. Shaucha – Cleanliness.
2. santoSha – Contentment.
3. tapaH – Penance.
4. svAdhyAya – Study of the Self.
5. IshvarapraNidhAna – Abiding in the Divine.
• Turning inwards through the senses. Sensory Withdrawal daily. 
• Dharana – Concentration and then with daily practice increase your duration of practice.
• DhyAna – is not emptying the mind. It is referring to an explanation of how the mind is. And it is constantly in motion. dhyAna thus is referring to this realisation. however is this your constant reality or are you getting dragged into the vrttis?

• If you are getting dragged into overthinking, stress, anxiety, poor sleep etc. then this is not normal and it needs your intervention.

• Daily Meditation Practice. Followed by thoughts journaling. Weekly or monthly self-evaluation. Keep going deeper and step-wise – basis – basic meditation – childhood challenges and constructs – ancestry and inheritance through your patterns. Your journaling will show you the path.

6. Self Clearing to reach Forgiveness

Coming Soon!

7. You are not your Mind - The Ultimate Self Healing Guide

Coming Soon!