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Meditation !
Why Meditation doesn't work for you?

There are TWO primary reasons that I have figured out so far.

1. You don't know how.

Although Meditation is natural to us humans, just like swimming, your lack of confidence in the intelligence of your body & trying to control & protect you from drowning, you end up doing just that. Now to counter that, we take swimming lessons & gulp down several litres of water in the first few sessions because we are trying to control, trying to find solid, stable ground; water is an uncharted territory for us. But think about it, right before we are born, for 9 months we are floating in the water, we came into existence in water. How is it uncharted territory for us?

Similarly, when you sit for meditation you start with the most common first mistake. You tell yourself that you are now going to meditate. To do something. You don't meditate or do meditation. You BE in Meditation. And you can't be in Meditation, because without all your self-induced distractions, you are now alone with your thoughts. All your life, or at least for the longest time you have tried to distract yourself with positive self-talk or drowned yourself in exaggerated negative talks full of self-pity & neglect. Or you may have resorted to addictive behaviour - shopping, gossip, multiple partners, substance abuse, Social Media Scrolling, Spiritual Shopping etc.

2. You are genuinely Stressed & your body needs basic corrections & release

of whatever you are holding onto through the right practices that will Still your Body, then your Breath. And being in Meditation will be easier for you.

What are those Practices or Guidelines? We will Come to that in the next lessons.

Let's Learn to be in Meditation

Let's Explore your biggest threat - your monkey mind

What is the Monkey Mind?
A chaotic, noisy, confused & overwhelmed mind, full of jumbled up & racing thoughts.
As a Meditation teacher mostly I am approached by people who tell me two things. Without me even asking them anything.
1. Oh! God. I Can't Meditate. Because I can't focus only. Too many thoughts.
2. Please tell me how can I quieten my Monkey Mind, or stop overthinking.

1. To them, I don't say anything, because they are simply chatting with me.
2. The Second - I try to explain a little what is their common response to their own overthinking. Because clearly had it not been a problem they wouldn't be asking for my help.

Guided Meditation to Slow down the monkey mind

To be continued....