Be Back on 20th December 2024

Let's prepare for the new year - 2025

This program is a yearly event & is live from 24th Dec 2024 Till 1st Jan 2025 only.

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Daily intention setting journaling holds the transformative power to shape our mindset and guide our actions. By articulating clear intentions each day, we create a roadmap for our thoughts and behaviors. This practice not only fosters self-awareness but also helps channel our focus towards positive outcomes. The act of putting intentions on paper solidifies our commitment, turning abstract aspirations into tangible goals. Over time, this ritual cultivates a positive and purposeful mindset, empowering you to navigate challenges with resilience and align you daily actions with your long-term vision. It serves as a compass for personal growth, promoting mindfulness and intentionality in the journey of self-discovery.

Every day learn how to still your body, breath and mind.

Can you control everything? Anything? Then why not remain in total surrender? Learn how to.

Holding on has no purpose but it cannot be discarded outrightly. At the subtle level if you are not aware then you will never fully understand what surrender is therefore never reach it.

We cannot really know what lies ahead. Instead, can we be fully open & willing to face to the best of our ability what lies ahead?

The stoics say success is when preparation meets opportunity. This mental preparation and constant readiness is what separates the wise and free and the slave their your mind lot.

Do what is required right now & do not attach to the outcome. The famous shloka/verse from the Bhagvad Gita must be lived and not callously floated around. There is deep purpose and benefit to this verse.

Past hurt resembles a barbed fence; the tighter you hold onto it, the deeper the wounds. Release your grip, let it fall away, and clear your path for healing. Choose to walk away and embrace a new beginning.

As the world embraces a new year together, the collective human consciousness aligns for a shared shift. Harness this universal energy; ride the wave of collective readiness to make stepping into new possibilities effortless and powerful.

Each year carries its unique energy. The most fulfilling approach, in my opinion, is to embody the spirit of the year and embrace it in harmony with the will of the planet. Allowing the will of the planet to freely flow through me as I step away. Learn how to.

Do you really think that you are patient? Did you ever lose faith? Or did you move forward with patience, embracing life as it came?

The Process We Follow - 9 Days, 9+ Lessons​

24th Dec 2023 Till 1st Jan 2024 only.

3867/- INR* -



an online live + recorded course

**This is a yearly event. It cannot be repeated later or completed post-5th January. Please consider your dates well, before joining.

Please note if you are going through severe symptoms of anxiety, please consult Kamalika before signing up. 

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