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Anybody Can Heal!

Anybody Can Heal!
Introduction to healing.

Discover the path to total freedom from the traps of overthinking with our transformative program. Through guided questionnaires and self-created plans, identify and address your core challenges while immersing yourself in nature's calming embrace. From personalized solutions to weekly evaluations, our program fosters growth and fulfillment, promoting holistic healing and boosted well-being. Embrace the power of nature to lead you towards a life of clarity and contentment. With our all-natural and organic approach, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Self-paced Program

Recorded programs mind over matter

"Mind Over Matter" (MOM) provides a holistic approach to addressing anxiety and promoting well-being. Through guided meditation, mindfulness practices, and breathwork, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Grounded in the principles of Yogic philosophy, MOM emphasizes self-discipline, connection with nature, and breaking the cycle of stress. By fostering inner peace and harmony, individuals not only transform their own lives but also contribute to a healthier, more compassionate world.

recorded programs shat chakra

Group Program


In the three-stage healing program, participants embark on a journey of recognition, deep healing, and transformation. Beginning with acknowledgment of challenges and readiness to release them, they undergo basic clearing techniques and learn essential tools like breathwork and mindful journaling. Progressing to deeper healing, they confront the root causes of pain, releasing unprocessed trauma and creating space for renewal. Finally, as healing deepens, participants experience profound alignment of mind and body, reduced reactivity, and increased balance, leading to longer periods of consistency. This stage also invites exploration beyond individual blocks to societal and existential themes, fostering openness, acceptance, and receptivity to personal growth and transformation.

Waking Up -
Stage 1

A recognition that there are unavoidable challenges and patterns in your life, and you now are ready to release them step by step. Clearly there is stored trauma in your body as energetic blocks. Still there's a lot of contemplation and discussions, no real work, mainly because you DON'T know where to start or how to. And then when you also somewhat get to know about the process you might get stuck in Speculation and Planning, without any EXECUTION.

When you join us @ Heal with Kamalika we train & guide you to do basic detailed clearing & also learning a few essential tools for lifetime usage & integration in your daily life. Tools = concepts and breathwork + guided mindful journaling.

Deeper Processing -
Stage 2

You are now ready and steady to delve even deeper. Your pain is a symptom, not the real challenge. By pain we mean both physical and emotional. This is where the Real Clearing begins. It relieves you of much deeper unprocessed trauma. Getting out of your head and doing the work at the body level. Feeling, facing, releasing, freeing space - retaining the space.

Awakening -
Stage 3

You have now understood not just at the level of the mind that is thinking much less, also at the level of your body that is much restful and alive and your responses are much balanced and no more reactive - that every single discomfort or pain turns into misery only when there is deeper attachments towards the known discomfort and a clear unwillingness to break the pattern, face the unknown discomfort and arrive in the now.

Awakened and aligned you can now consider your every trigger an opportunity to transcend. Longer periods of consistency can be experienced here. And only then do you get the opportunity to look at things that is not just a block at an individual level, but at a much larger societal level. Ego and Fear. Deep and Dark Shadow. Guilt as a common factor of our modern world. And opening up to possibilities, allowing the what is and Receiving. Freely Flowing is the right thing to say here..

1:1 Programs

1:1 Program

"Journey To The Centre Of YOU" offers a transformative 4-month program designed to accelerate personal growth and fulfillment by targeting specific goals and intentions. Participants delve into understanding their core values, enhancing body awareness, and harnessing energy for manifestation. Through a structured process of live classes, self-review, and guided practice, individuals experience profound resets across various life dimensions. The program integrates psychological and philosophical perspectives, guiding participants towards resilience, focus, and enhanced quality of life. With lifetime access to resources and personalized coaching, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery, aligning with their life purpose and deepest aspirations.

Beyond Healing

Couple Coaching

Special Program

Residential program

Introduction to Healing

Corporate Program

Specialized Corporate Training Program

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Find out as per a detailed symptom self-analysis & choose as per your wisdom.
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Every single one of us on this planet is stuck somewhere or the other. At times we don't even know it. Everything seems fine. All boxes ticked so far. However,

  • if there are traces of unhappiness, which is not sorrow or grief.
  • Minor anxiety & lacking of natural calm in a high-stress situation.
  • Overall joy & fulfilment are missing.
  • You think it is time taking & out of so many self-help programs & books, most don't bring results as they promise to.
  • You are not comfortable sharing your personal challenges to a stranger or anyone as a matter of fact.
  • Your priorities in life are not what this page has to offer as you consider your time & money worth something else.
  • Choose the self-paced subscription program to bring clarity & a boost forward. You do not need to share your challenges with anyone, heal in silence & enjoy your life.  ⇒ Click Here

  • You are diagnosed with Clinical Depression. However, you are able to take decisions for yourself and are ready to walk through it with detailed & professional hand-holding.
  • You are suffering from Acute Anxiety OR Panic Attacks OR Nervous Breakdown. or All of the above.
  • Acute insomnia or other sleep-related issues. You have tried other ways with little or no success.
  • You want to take your life to the next level & find clarity & daily fulfillment. You do not have any major challenges right now.Choose the self-paced subscription program to bring clarity & a boost forward. You do not need to share your challenges with anyone, heal in silence & enjoy your life.  ⇒ Click Here

You - How can meditation practice solve my Career or Vocation related challenges?

Kamalika - By calming you several notches, aligning your mind-body-spirit. Making you clearer & more confident in your stride & body language. Freeing you of insecurities & self-doubt in every area. Getting you more focused, taking you out of addictions - thereby, increasing your daily productivity. And much more than this page can hold.

Choose 1:1 Coaching with Kamalika. Be a part of her core group. ⇒ Click Here


Choose the self-paced chakra cleansing program to bring clarity & a boost forward. You do not need to share your challenges with anyone, heal in silence & enjoy your life.  ⇒ Click Here

Sexuality & Intimacy are interrelated as well as independent. If you are confident with your intimate self, chances are high that your sexuality barometer is normal, balanced and you are confident around it. Does not mean you are constantly talking about it to others, that too is some kind of doubt, not confidence. 

Choose our self-paced Shat Chakra. ⇒ Click Here

Your own or your ancestral property has strings attached to you, along with many other family members. Let's focus on your experience basis the facts. How are you feeling about the issue? What are the challenges you are facing? Even if it is through someone else & you aren't directly involved. Brushing it off or acting to be indifferent will bring no results. Deep diving into your subconscious and letting out the blocks will.

Choose the Pitr Dosha Program as per the Live Schedule. ⇒ Click Here

Most of us worry about our Life Purpose. Why are we born? These questions keep us thinking, but mostly there is no answer.

That is because it is a deep inner need to find fulfilment, through experiencing something that is larger than us. Engaging & participating in something that will get us recognition in the eyes of fellow humans, is our primitive need and is natural to us. All the unmet desires that we have acquired from our previous selves, who we refer to as our ancestors, are trying to find expression & want to reach their full potential.

The past lives are not how you have seen them in the movies. It is much deeper & complex in nature. Understand why you are the way you are and if you at all want to continue to be such, a shadow of your previous selves; or break the cycle and be you. Original & new.

Choose the Pitr Dosha Program as per the Live Schedule. ⇒ Click Here.

Who doesn't have relationship challenges? And just because almost everyone has it, we may consider it to be normal but it can really be transformed if we make ourselves available to the lesson and do not take things personally.

Choose Inner Child Wound Healing. ⇒ Click Here

Anger issues can be due to many reasons:

  • Childhood hurt/trauma.
    - Choose Inner Child Wound Healing Program as per the Live Schedule. ⇒ Click Here.
  • You have inherited it from your family; it's a common trait & runs in the family.
    - Choose the Pitr Dosha Program as per the Live Schedule. ⇒ Click Here.
  • It's in you and you have no idea how to fix it.
    - Choose the subscription plan Click Here
  • Self-worth & self-esteem issues are acquired behavioural patterns. You have picked them up along the way. A little consistent deep diving & conscious release helps you drop these unhealthy & unproductive ideas & notions about yourself. So you can shine through as the natural you.
  • Choose Inner Child Wound Healing. ⇒ Click Here
  • Unlock the secrets of your soul with a personalized reading. Get a deep insight into your inner realms, with reference to your current life challenges and unlock your full potential. Kamalika takes guidance through the ‘I AM’ Consciousness and the heart of the Consciousness The Pulse, to deliver accurate and revealing readings within 48 hours. Followed by a self-healing meditation guideline. This is a 10 days process and you will receive 2 readings with 2 different sets of instructions to be followed during those 10 days.
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