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Scientific Research Done on Meditation

#1: Neuroplasticity Studies

Research in neuroplasticity demonstrates that meditation can lead to structural changes in the brain. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) studies show alterations in the size and connectivity of brain regions associated with attention, memory, and emotional regulation. These findings suggest that regular meditation may contribute to positive changes in the brain's structure and function.

#2: Telomere Length and Aging:

Telomeres are protective caps at the end of chromosomes, and their length is associated with cellular aging. Advanced studies have indicated that meditation and mindfulness practices may impact telomere length. Research suggests that individuals who engage in meditation may have longer telomeres, implying a potential link between meditation and the cellular aging process.

#3: Immune System Function

Scientific investigations have explored the relationship between meditation and immune system function. Studies have observed changes in gene expression related to immune function among individuals who practice meditation regularly. Enhanced immune response and increased production of anti-inflammatory cytokines are among the reported benefits, suggesting that meditation may positively influence immune system activity.

#4: Heart Health and Cardiovascular Benefits:

Advanced research on meditation and cardiovascular health reveals a connection between meditation practices and improved heart health. Studies using tools like electrocardiograms (ECGs) and blood pressure measurements demonstrate that meditation can lead to reduced blood pressure, lower heart rate, and improved overall cardiovascular function. These findings suggest that meditation may play a role in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

#5: Epigenetic Changes

Epigenetics involves changes in gene expression without altering the underlying DNA sequence. Recent research explores how meditation might influence gene expression through epigenetic mechanisms. Preliminary studies suggest that meditation practices can lead to alterations in the expression of genes associated with stress response, inflammation, and overall well-being, providing insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying the benefits of meditation.

#6: Mind-Body Connection and Psychosomatic Health:

Advanced research explores the mind-body connection and how meditation may influence psychosomatic health. Studies have demonstrated the ability of meditation to modulate autonomic nervous system activity, leading to changes in heart rate variability, blood pressure, and other physiological parameters. These findings highlight the potential of meditation in promoting holistic health by addressing both mental and physical well-being.

#7: Cortisol and Stress Response:

Studies examining the impact of meditation on stress have often measured cortisol levels, a hormone associated with stress. Research indicates that regular meditation can lead to reduced cortisol levels, suggesting a modulatory effect on the body's stress response. This has implications for stress-related disorders and overall mental well-being.

#8: Pain Perception and Tolerance:

Scientific investigations have explored the effects of meditation on pain perception and tolerance. Functional imaging studies, combined with physiological measurements, reveal alterations in the brain regions associated with pain processing. Meditators often demonstrate increased pain tolerance and reduced subjective pain intensity, suggesting that meditation may influence the brain's pain-related circuits.

#9: Cognitive Performance and Attention:

Research on meditation's impact on cognitive performance indicates improvements in attention, concentration, and working memory. Functional imaging studies have demonstrated changes in the prefrontal cortex, a brain region crucial for executive functions. These findings suggest that meditation may enhance cognitive abilities and contribute to better attentional control.

The wall of Sucess Story

Megha Goyal

If u are going through any stress.. Depression... Anxiety.. Pls take this course once.

Kamalika.. Naam me he kamaal h .. I get to know about this course from Facebook.. Was going through depression.. Wanted to kill my 8 months old.. And kill my self at that time.. Had no confidence .. Was extremely shy.. Tried Isha kriya… Headspace.. Bt all in vain.. Then thought to try this course… Bt us time mujhe lag raha tha paise de rahi hu.. Pata nhin theek hoga ya nhin.. Vo b Sare paise ek sath.. Bt husband bole.. Koi nhin agar tum 10 percent b theek hote ho na is se… Aur tumhara man h.. To mai sochunga paise vasool ho gaye.. Aise bol kr payment kar d.. Umeed bahut kam thi.. Bt mujhe 1 week me he bahut fark dekhne ko mila.. Mera gussa kam ho gaya.. Thoda shyness kam hui.. Confidence aane laga.. Ab 20 months ho gaye.. Abhi b kuch problem hoti h.. Kamalika reply karti h.. Aisa nhin course khatam to ab koi help nhin.. She is always here for us.. I m bit lazy now.. Bt she always pushes me to meditate.. It really helps… Everybody around me is enjoying new me… Aur sabse jyada mai.. Kyuki pehle confidence na hone se mai apne liye stand nHi n le paati thi.. Ab mai sab kaam karti hu.. Bina hesitation k.. Confidence se.. Han mai introvert abhi b hu.. Bt kaam chal raha h us per bhi. . Kamalika is very good and jolly.. Replies all my silly questions with patience . . I feel the bond we share now..will always like this.. I got a new friend in this journey . .. Earlier I used to blame everyone for my condition.. Now I know it’s not always others.. If u are going through any stress.. Depression… Anxiety.. Pls take this course once.. And see the change.. Thank you kamalika for changing my life.. Thank you so much dear

Annapurna Sharma
QA Specialist, Rapid Transformation Therapist

Beyond expectations ! A program that gives a simple structured approach to look inside and get our own answers and clarity

I joined this program after recommendation from my friend Priyanka who had phenomenal results from her ancestral program. My only intention & expectation out of the I AM program when I joined was to be able to get in to practicing meditation on daily basis so I can go inward & get answers to all my questions. Even though I myself have been doing meditations for a while, i felt something was missing to be able to get to the state I want to be in. I also have been doing multiple types of healing with other healers and they helped me immensely as well. But, I was having this urge and nudge to get inside to have my own answers instead of going and looking for outside help all the time. It’s time for me to go inward for more depth. The program not just did that, it also gave me a simple process to use in my daily life. As soon as I started with the program, I witnessed clarity and decluttered some aspects of my life just in the first few days of the program. By the end of program, I could feel altogether peace, calmness , clarity, easiness and being more present in the moment and day to day life. I am now on the Inner Child healing program with her. Kamalika is a pure soul with the purest intentions and when a program comes through such person and you completely surrender & let it happen , you learn to and start BEING.

Dr. Vidhi Jain

Monthly Treat

I have been a part of this community for almost 3 years now. The new innovative themes every month draw my attention to the little details already present in life, which I only have to stop and admire, and find happiness knocking on my door 🙂

Dr. Vidhi Jain
AIIMS Jodhpur

Exceeded my expectations

I saw an advertisement on the telegram group and decided to attend this program at Lahaul in June 2022. With no experience of meditation, i went in with no expectations from the program. Kamalika made it seem easy for beginners and filled it with so many fun activities like hiking, star gazing, momo-making and river-side picnics. It was an awesome experience, filled with memories I will cherish for a lifetime. Somewhere along the way, I got into meditation and have stuck around since then..


9 days of transformative sessions

1. Knowledge and wisdom: in my opinion, in order to heal, one of the most important aspects is knowledge or knowing the “truth” to come out of the miseries and delusions. This is exactly what I received from the sessions.
Shedding the old ways of doings and thinking.
2. Useful Meditation sessions
3. Intention setting and Journaling
4. Interactive sessions (each student got to participate and ask questions)

All these aspects combined preped me to enter into the new year with all the necessary tools and knowledge necessary to start the new year (and many more years to come). This new year may or may not be any different with same or new challenges, but this session gave me all the necessary tools to face the year in the right direction.
Thank you!

Neeta Gulati

I AM is a wonderful program which helped me to accept myself

I AM is a wonderful program which helped me to accept myself and not keep judging..Kamalika ur video and audios are awesome. Keep doing good work…

Dr. Vidhi Jain

Pause, heal, restart.

This is my second year of doing this program with Kamalika. The daily live meditation followed by self-paced homework and discussions appeared a bit hard at first but gelled easily with my routine soon. Through simple conversations, I could feel many knots undoing themselves in my mind. Thanks, Kamalika for this beautiful short course. I hope many more people will make their new year happier by calming their worries through these sessions..


Reaffirming the calm

New year is a time when a lot is going on in mind. It is like lot to look out for and many things to be taken along. The best thing to take along the calmness which is possible by meditation. This programme really helped me stay calm and focussed.


Meeting with self, again

Kamalika ma’am has been a mentor and friend for me. I was blessed with a second baby last year. Though the journey was rough but it was fully supported and guided by ma’am. I resumed my meditation in January this year with madam once again . Manifestation and self love. Words are easy, meaning simple, but actually extremely difficult to practice. You dive in deep and like an ocean come out of it sometimes with jewels while at other time with junk. And after the program is over you feel refreshed with a changed perspective though the thirst is not quenched. Its ocean after all. But trust me ma’am is the best internal scuba diving teacher. Lots of thanks and gratitude dear ma’am.

Priyanka Saxena

What you heal in yourself, you heal for your entire bloodline

After multiple miscarriages and years of failed infertility treatment I did this course in 2021 to find out why I was going through this problem and can it be resolved.

The 18 day course took me through so many rollercoasters. I was able to tap into energy of my ancestors as well as clear those energy blocks as well. I not only welcomed my twins in Dec 2022 but also saw material gains for my whole family on mom’s side.

Though one must remember that this course though a very powerful catalyst in making your dreams a reality, still require concrete actions on your side to make things happen.

I am so grateful to Kamalika for being my mentor in this journey.

Neeru Bahl
N 002

Feedback of Self love

Self love was confusing before I entered the program and it still is because what i thought wasn’t true and going inwards to see what it is was…ii’s actually quite interesting and intriguing…. just experience it all within …to know and learn more about your self 🙂


Self love

Namaste, Self love is the common term used widely nowadays , practical difficulty is if implementing it. Your profound message cleared the clouds of doubts pertaining to self love and the root cause of it . Now am in transformative state and progressing in self love and in manifestation. Thank you so much for your relentless service in transforming one’s life.

Universe and beyond

Compound interest!!!!

The day by day meditation required consistency muscle to be developed, as a collateral benefit.
Each day brought for me exactly what I needed in that day and in this phase of life, blessedly. Divine bigger planning sensed throughly.
Each day had cumulative effect of clearly all blocks step by step, deepening gradually and gently. Even without always being acknowledged each time.
Its so deeply designed and even more deeply experienced that u realise esp as u reach the light at the end on the tunnel.
Its it well known to the sculptor of this course, how the last week was planned cosmically at the perfect timing.
Grateful and blessed ! Immensely.
Getting courageous for the first time to face whatever is offered.

3D Environment Artist

Fantastic Experience

Did this back in 2021 and found it extremely beneficial with my focus & sleep. I am an artist, this helped me a lot with my creative outlook, encouraged me to venture into an entirely new field and got super motivated to start & develop new projects. Must try for all artists out there and those who are struggling with focus & other intimate challenges. Thanks, Kamalika!

Dr. Neelam Gulati

help me deal with the non-stop chatter of my mind

Where do I start? When I first heard about it my first reaction was NO, not another program. But something made me put on the audio and start meditating and here I am today after more than a year still associated with Kamalika and having done probably all the programs. The best thing this program did was help me deal with the non-stop chatter of my mind. I still have my highs and lows but something in me tells me I can keep moving on. “I AM” rocks !!!

Dr. Ruby Jain

Nowhere near 5 stars, the experience is a worth million stars.

Nowhere near 5 stars, the experience is a worth million stars, the Sun and the Moon. The evolution on this planet got multiplied manifold after the blessed moment I first interacted with whom I now call my Guru (Kamalika) but she is actually much more than a word can express. All that happened in past one year, yeah! Just One year has been very uplifting and empowering for my existence and Being, Versus the 37.5 years of life before that it took to be prepared and yearn in search of this last one year of life. Guru bina Gati (गति)nahi, no matter what all u do, where all u go. That’s the Maximum I can put forth to all who seek to seek inside and are ready for it to open up an exploration to serve outside. I too am on the journey, in and out. Blessed you are, if you are in this review section…already

Dr. Charu Nayar

This programme helped me survive some of the most difficult times in my life.

Kamalika’s approach to this concept is very refreshing. I had earlier tried on a few programmes but after this one, I knew this is exactly what I had been looking for. This programme helped me survive some of the most difficult times in my life. I can say this programme has made me stronger, wiser and more grateful to life than ever before. Thank you for such a captivating experience. Your charm adds on to this beautiful journey. Thank you for introducing this amazing programme and letting me be a part of it. Live you loads and all the best for All your future ventures

Dr. Swati Sharma

I Am is an awesome program

I Am is an awesome program designed by Kamalika ma’am, which helps to know about the real you, and empowers you to accept yourself as it is and face problems effortlessly. The video and audio sessions are amazing and the good part is that ma’am is there throughout this journey to help at every step

Puja Ahuja

It's a game-changer. Well structured and thoughtfully designed

The I AM program changes your life for the better, in every way. It’s a game-changer. Well structured and thoughtfully designed to evoke deep insights into our responses to life, the program supports one in tackling challenges calmly while progressing on the road to inner peace. Integrates guided components and self-paced learning to create a unique experience that will leave you enriched for life. Much recommended!

Anuraag Sen

My only recommendation is that this course will help you...in whatever you truly and honestly wish to seek.

‘I Am’ as the name goes is an intense and fascinating journey towards reaching the intended self and not the supposed self. This course for me was a unique opportunity to travel through various layers of myself and get a glimpse of each of those layers of existence. The outcome though was a simplified and more sorted version of me. Kamalika’s easy, yet deep process of facilitating enabled this journey seamlessly. She being present at each moment as a teacher and guide gave the assurance that I sometimes faltered while trusting myself. My only recommendation is that this course will help you…in whatever you truly and honestly wish to seek.

Abhilasha Bajpai

It immensely helped me in coming out of severe depression, sleeping issues

I AM is a wonderful program organised by our dear mentor, teacher Kamalika. Her audios and guidance are amazing. It immensely helped me in coming out of severe depression, sleeping issues, and anger issues, calming me down. keeping me in alignment. Giving me a new job ( like a miracle) when I had come to a point where I m good for nothing. I can never have a life, a career…This program worked like a miracle for me. I still follow Kamalika for her guidance and follow her Basic meditations and other programs. They are of great help in any kind of severe illness, pains, or feeling stuck..and truly works like a miracle for people who are having depression, anxiety, or sleeping issues. Please go for it ..this is a must just like our ‘meals’ and Breathing… Thank you so much, Kamalika

Aniket Yadav

With each day you will feel better and love yourself more.

I finished ‘I AM’ program last month and I can say it will change your thoughts and body. Thank you so much, Kamalika for all information and support. I am grateful that I found such a passionate and goal-oriented instructor cum friend with whom I can share all my problems. With each day you will feel better and love yourself more. All the best Kamalika for all your future projects.

Roma Chugh Behl

I was able to focus on myself and the mental chatter reduced.

I did this last year . During this program I was calm and at peace . I was able to focus on myself and the mental chatter reduced. It really helps you to become calmer and more aligned with yourself. I have done a few other programs with her, and they all helped me. One major program helped me to go through surgery smoothly.

Anshula Dhammi

This program was a turning point for me.

This program was a turning point for me. Either I found this program or it found me. But it came to me at a time when I was grasping at straws and nothing seemed to provide an answer. The experience of ‘I Am’ did away with the need for an answer. With every day and every week I touched upon realisations about my emotions and their accompanied sensations which rooted me further in calmness and balance. I was able to deal with previously stressful events with clarity and without panic. The structure of the program, the breathing techniques are perfectly designed to calm the mind, connect to the now and then dive right in. A powerful program with experience of both the immensity and simplicity of ‘I Am’. This along with the intuitive wisdom of Kamalika and the generosity with which she shares it makes it one of the most wonderful experiences. Thank you Kamalika. Much gratitude and love.

Nidhi Gupta
Energy Healer

Transformed me 360 degrees

When I first heard about the program I was not sure that I will ever do it. But after a few months I thought to give it a try. Meditation helped me to bring clarity within me and transformed me to 360 degrees. Thank you, Kamalika for introducing me to this programme and helping me out with a huge transformation.