Shat Chakra Meditation

Activating, balancing & clearing the 6 physical chakras,
Helps you in every area of your life. Clearing deeper Blocks & bringing you to light.

Any block is always in your energy. It only reflects through your mind, situations or
people in your daily life.

The Key Lessons & Benefits

The primary reason for worry is an unbalanced root chakra; that represents what grounds you. It is the basis or aadhar of your root or moola. This includes meeting your basic needs – food, water, shelter, & safety. Also your emotional needs –  living with courage. When these vrittis are faced & won over, your tendency to worry reduces.

A balanced root chakra ensures stability, grounding & security; can be linked to an active prefrontal cortex of the brain. Ensuring you are in the driver’s seat of your life. Fully present in the moment. 

Creativity & sexuality excel in a heightened sense of self, away from insecurity, guilt, and self-suppression. How will you express yourself fully if you are operating from a negative self-image? Your natural response will be to alter yourself before presenting to the world. Suppressing your true desires & living with alternatives and workarounds. Choosing a second-best life – a job you don’t love, a partner who is good for your social status, and lifestyle to match others. Where are you in this? What about the dreams, you as a little child, once envisioned? Balancing your sacral chakra ensures you are well-established within yourself.

The gut is often referred to as the second brain because of the Enteric Nervous system that houses the same neurons & neurotransmitters that are found in our central nervous system. Spiritually is believed that it is in this region life manifests. The Navel is the first to form in the womb. And when you are working on manifestation, the feelings are generated in this region first. 

These days self-love is the USP of the self-care industry. From SPAs to luxury shopping,  to festival sales, everyone seems to be milking self-love. I want to understand what is it they are trying to convey. Because if they were truly advocating self-love then their customers wouldn’t be blindly hoarding item after the item or the spa appointments would be more holistic in nature. But we all know that is not the case, hence the world got Self-Love all wrong. The Heart Chakra is at the centre of the seven chakras with three below and three above. This is where physical and spiritual meet. And this tells us that Self-Love is more inward than it is outward. That true Self-Love teaches us unconditional love & compassion towards self and everyone around us. And it can be reached through selfless service, Sewa, faster. 

Authentic expression is not something that comes easily. Often it’s easier to say what the other person may want to hear instead of speaking your truth. Fear of rejection, judgment & abandonment hinders your truthful verbal expression. Thus working all the more deeper with the lower chakras ensures your communication is FILTERED (Vishuddha), of impurities and is not governed by your layered understanding of the what could be rather than the what is. Thus enabling you to always remain truthful, thereby speaking the truth.

Just like birds can sense when a tsunami might hit, or squirrels know when it’s time to gather food for the winter, humans too have an intuitive sense. We’ve simply lost touch with it as well as our ability to trust in it. We have experienced it in the past, someone tries to befriend us and we ignore our intuitive signs of something not right and we regret the decision later. Sometime our parents may have warned us against a relationship or a business partner. but we ignored their feelings & called them over-protective & eventually found out they were right about their instinct. Thus, training to trust our intuition by clearing & balancing the AJNA(Command) chakra ensures the commands of our life is in sync with the divine forces.

how to identify my blocks ?

Why is it such a deep process?

The Bija Mantras are one-syllable sounds that are meant to activate the chakras along the spine. There is a total of 5 Beej Mantras as only 5 chakras are along the Spine. The 3rd eye is often activated with the primordial Sound - OM - ॐ.

A mantra is a mind vehicle. You anchor yourself to it and it leads your mind towards purification.

Chakras are also known as lotuses, and each chakra symbol is portrayed with a different number of petals, which are the expression of their vibratory frequency. Each vibration is further leading a practitioner initially to clear the karmic layers to free one of their energetic bondage; prolonged and continuous practice opens up a certain awareness, further leading to liberation in one's daily life. 

Vrittis are part of the Chitta, memory;  associated & represented by the petals of each chakra. Vrittis are basically impurities finding form from the subconscious to the conscious human mind. Such that we operate through them. we become that. Instead of focusing just on the mind, focus on the entire body. The ripples on the mind have their source within the body.

What you become, becomes your tendency to respond to life. Clearing the impurities, creating resistance against your vrittis, using your willpower and acting consciously makes you a superhuman. I like to call it - From Vritti to Pravritti. From impure form to tendencies.

Fix one and the other automatically alters toward betterment. Now, why a superhuman? Everyone around is doing things & participating in life with compulsion & aversion. A superhuman becomes life itself. Every action is governed by aware & conscious choices. Always for the larger & greater good. Beyond our personal selfish motifs lies the ultimate human desire for service. When we make it larger than ourselves, everyone benefits. Us included.

Do-Sha does not mean fault - it simply translates to property or quality.

There is a word - Prapancha. That which is made up of the 5 elements. Everything in this manifested universe is made up of the 5 elements. Meaning, our bodies too are made up of the Pancha Mahabhutas. And no we aren't typically made out of a lump or earth, burnt in fire and glazed with water. This means our bodies are made out of the qualities of the elements.


Earth - Mass & Inertia.

Water - Fluidity.

Fire - Heat & Warmth.

Air - Instability & Movement.

Space - Space(the property here is just occupying some space).

Kapha - Earth & Water
Pitta - Water & Fire
Vata - Air & Space

Ayurveda defines Health to be the result of the balance of the mixture of these 3 properties or Doshas. Dominance or weakness of any one Dosha over the rest causes disease in the body.

This program encourages and aids you to balance the 3 doshas. With dedicated daily practice several diseases can also be relieved from your systems. A healthy mind in a healthy body.


Balancing the Elements and the Chakras brings about immense mental clarity. It is through a clear mind we take conscious, clear & empowered action. What follows is 100% accountability for the situations we face in our daily life. This in effect removes victim mode from your life. It's your life, you decide how you lead it & how you experience it.

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I AM Kamalika

My name is Kamalika Roy and I am a meditation practitioner with over 23 years of experience. I have also been trained in spiritual healing for 6 years. I have helped my self and many individuals through my meditation training sessions and workshops

“To Overcoming Negative Emotions, Anxiety And Overthinking.”

So, Join My Mission To Break The Human Chain Of Stress.

The detailed plan & Layout for your
15-week self-healing journey

Identify the reasons that cause you regular stress. sit with yourself 1-3 days in a row for 30 min each and identify the most points & aspects that cause you stress. no need to change or confront them right now. acknowledge them first.

Pruning – can a few of the points, you noted down, be avoided or completely removed? if yes, remove them, or remove yourself from them. without being harsh on anyone. let’s be reasonable. at times we are the problem. consider this possibility too. change your outlook.

Planning – plan a day in advance for the setup of your meditation space. clean the house or at least your personal space. so when you wake up your home is ready for you. keep your phone on airplane mode and use a clock to check the time. avoid an ALARM system. 

The program is chapter wise & every chapter is followed by a 1-day gap for you to integrate the lesson, also prepare mentally for the upcoming chapter.

Strategy – go through the lessons and the layout of the program. mentally prepare for the upcoming days with a firm resolve. focus one chapter at a time. this is not a time pass or a quick resolution program. it is deep, well-crafted and detailed. honour the program structure & your own willingness to get better at life.

Solution – we want you to succeed right from the start. do your daily meditations & journaling & forget about it the whole day. don’t discuss your meditation practice or the process with anyone at all. this showing off business is misguided spirituality. don’t make a big deal that you are meditating. that you know about chakras. keep it simple & normal. Remain involved in your life. you may refer people to the process but don’t share your intimate work. tell them if it’s working for you, but now how. tell them I told you not to mention it anywhere.

Analysis – do a per-chakra analysis on your gap day. use a pen and a notebook to write down where you were and where you are. which creates mental space to go deep. As humans we need validation, and let’s not deny it. Why is validation not important? We will not chase it, but if we have proof that something is working wouldn’t we focus on it ever more? making it work several times faster?

Supercharge – once every month or 3 months – practice silence. Switch off all gadgets. No communication with family or friends. No TV, Newspaper, Mobile. No reading books or journaling. A full 24hrs silence. Be with yourself. There is so much endorsement of Silence. I find it silly. What’s there to endorse about Silence? Those who endorse Silence never really touched silence. You touch it, benefit from it, and improve your surroundings and the planet. don’t even tell me about it. 

Don’t discuss your meditation practice or the process with anyone at all. this showing off business is misguided spirituality. you know less but you want to talk more to sound cool. spirituality is when you connect with your own essence, the spirit. why then does this need to exaggerate & boost the ego come? don’t make a big deal because you are meditating. that you know about chakras. keep it simple & normal. meditation is natural to humans, we are naturally meditative. what’s there to talk about? Remain involved in your life. you may refer people to the process but don’t share your intimate work. tell them if it’s working for you, but now how. tell them I told you not to mention it anywhere. if they ask what do you know say you are open to more knowledge and encourage them to elaborate for you. no knowledge goes waste. learn from everyone. make everyone your Guru.

Spread over 15 + Weeks!

  • Preparation Practice Audio
  • Root Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Root Chakra & the Earth Element
  • Sacral Chakra & The Water Element
  • Solar Plexus Chakra & The Fire Element
  • Heart Chakra & The Air Element
  • Throat Chakra & The Space Element
  • Third Eye Chakra & Silence

Chakras - A Powerhouse of Possibilities

The Basics of Chakras & our Behaviour

We are constantly interacting and communicating with our surroundings, people, life situations, and the world at large. Everything leaves an impact on us even if momentarily. Our days are shaped and influenced by society, communities, relationships and their value systems. Internally communication and interaction are happening through the Chakras. As they are energy centres, naturally they may get blocked and for sure need to be cleansed & balanced from time to time. This simple, yet detailed program releases blocks from your chakras, and balances align them to be ready for the current moment.

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All 5 Chakras are running along the spine and the 6th is in the middle of the forehead, perfectly aligned with the top end of the spine. Above our crown, approximately 5-8 inches is the Crown Chakra. Since it is outside our physical body and is a part of our subtle body, it is advisable to meditate on the Crown Chakra with certain precautions & under the guidance of an able teacher. 

There are 3 subtler Channels or Nadis that run along the spine. The Ida, The Pingla & the Sushumna. Due to the imbalance of the 3 Doshas - Vaata, Pitta, and Kapha; the Ida & the Pingla are mostly under or overactive. Just like the 2 halves of our body are either under or overactive and are measured by the warmth felt within each side. Due to this, the Sushumna lies dormant & we as humans are either lying in Tamas(lethargy & lacking in passion) or are in Rajas(adrenaline junkies & overactive workaholics).
Our Central nervous system which also runs along the spine is also deregulated. Bringing forth various ailments, diseases and mood swings. 

This program does not just balance the Chakras, it also regulates the subtle Ida & Pingla, activating the Sushumna and raising your energetic vibrations. In turn completely regulates your nervous system, enhancing the 3 Doshas and their essence in your very being. Making you an empowered individual inside out. An asset to the planet.

Muladhara in Sanskrit meaning Mula = Source & Adhara = Support, making it Support at the Source. This is the most rigid chakra. Associated with the Earth Element. If one's life energies are dominated here, they will constantly find themselves concerned with shelter and security. Less stamina and endurance. The root chakra is located at the perineum, above the anal outlet and below the genital organ. At the base of the Spine.


Swadhisthana in Sanskrit means Well Established. Represented by the Water Element. This chakra deals with the faculties of pleasure and sexuality. Located at the top of the genital organs. 

Manipura in Sanskrit meaning Mani = Gem & Pura = City, making it City of Gems. Represented by the Fire Element. This chakra deals with the faculties of power, hunger & nourishment. Located just below the navel. 


Anahata in Sanskrit meaning Unstruck Sound . A single frequency that's never been disturbed. Dealing with kindness, love & compassion, this chakra is represented by the Air Element. Located below where our rib cage meets.

Vishuddhi in Sanskrit meaning Purifier or Filter, whereas the word Vishuddha means Pure or Filtered. Represented by the Element Aakaash, this chakra deals with speech & communication. Located at the pit of the throat. 


Ajna in Sanskrit means Command. Represented by Manas or intellect, this chakra deals with sight and perception. Through this Chakra, we are constantly commanding our life to be. Through our thoughts. Located at the juncture of the eyebrows.


The Chakras are also governed and influenced by the 5 elements. In this program, we get to dive into our systems and balance the elements too. Brief explanations of how they function and their relevance and significance are shared as well. Through meditation, you dive into the experience of the qualities of the elements within you. 

Upon balancing, mastering and freeing the chakras of perceived blocks one experiences a certain stillness within them. The whole cosmos starts to feel like an extension of the Self. For however brief a period it is possible to experience oneness and union for every single plant, animal and human. The whole planet becomes one with one's existence. With a conscious shift in lifestyle and regular practice with discipline, it is possible to retain this state of consciousness. Not just figuratively, but in reality.

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197.3 million people were suffering from various mental disorders in India that is one in seven or 14.3 per cent of the population.

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