Inner Child Wound Healing

Pull the Child in you, from hiding, out into the light.

A Detailed approach to the inner child, the father wound & the mother wound.

Why this Program?

Any block is always in your energy. It only reflects through your mind, situations or people in your daily life.

#The inner child is our innermost, sacred and most confident self. That has the power to be and do anything it may. Fully open to new possibilities and is not afraid of the probabilities. The inner child is unwary of the outcome and is always open to a union. It sees nothing as a threat, as to the inner child the world is its home and every one an extension of its own self. To understand and let the inner child be one has to deep dive into their innermost layers, tearing through the layers of insecurity, fear, judgements and self delirium. The inner child is so powerful that we never really let it access our daily lives. The inner child does not need any help. We need to self-help and let go of our every inhibition about ourselves to finally let the inner child start operating and led us to a joyful and glorious daily life.

how to know if you have a wounded inner child?

It's not always easy to recognize if you have inner child wound issues, but there are some signs and symptoms that you can look out for. Here are some points to consider: NOTE: This is a spiritual process & it will only work if you give it your dedication & respect & follow it with discipline & do not skip or expedite the process. This Program has an initiation prayer or a Sankalp. Closes with a closing prayer & surrender.

Difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships: If you struggle with trusting others, forming healthy attachments, and maintaining intimate relationships, it may be a sign of inner child wound issues.

Negative self-talk: If you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk or struggling with feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, and self-doubt, it may be a sign of inner child wound issues.

Difficulty regulating emotions: If you struggle with regulating your emotions, experience frequent mood swings, or feel overwhelmed by your emotions, it may be a sign of inner child wound issues.

Difficulty setting boundaries: If you struggle with setting boundaries and asserting yourself, it may be a sign of inner child wound issues.

Unresolved trauma: If you have experienced traumatic events in your childhood and have not processed or healed from them, it may be a sign of inner child wound issues.

Self-destructive behaviours: If you engage in self-destructive behaviours such as substance abuse, self-harm, or other risky behaviors, it may be a sign of inner child wound issues.

Something that is keeping you unsure about you and unavailable to life; something that you can feel inside but do not have a reason or logic to explain it. They won't understand right? They don't need to you know. YOu need to understand. And that's going to make a world of difference in your own life.

The Key Lessons & Benefits

  1. Abandonment Wound
  2. Trust Wound
  3. Guilt Wound.
  4. Neglect Wound.
  5. Father Wound
  6. Mother Wound
  7. Recurrence Wounds - The wounds caused by the above 6 in recurrence throughout our lives.

The Father Wound -

The father wound of the inner child is the emotional and psychological impact that absent, neglecting, or abusive fathers can have on the child’s personality. It can also be caused by the early death of the father. This wound can manifest in a variety of ways, including feelings of abandonment, inadequacy, unworthiness, and difficulty forming healthy relationships with others. In most societies the father is the one who brings money home, thus it also affects the individual's relationship with money.

The Father Wound can also lead to a range of negative coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, self-harm, and other self-destructive behaviours. Children who experience this wound may struggle with feelings of anger, resentment, and shame towards their fathers, as well as difficulty trusting others and forming healthy attachments. It also leads to a poor relationship with their own future children.

 By addressing the father wound, individuals can begin to break free from negative patterns and build more fulfilling and healthy relationships with themselves and others.


The Mother Wound

The mother wound of the inner child refers to the emotional and psychological pain that can arise from a dysfunctional or troubled relationship between a child and their mother. This wound can manifest in a variety of ways, including feelings of abandonment, unworthiness, and a lack of self-esteem.

The mother wound can be caused by various factors, including neglect, emotional or physical abuse, or a lack of emotional connection. The early death of the mother. Children who experience this wound may struggle with trust issues, difficulties forming healthy relationships, and feelings of shame and guilt.

Healing from the mother wound involves acknowledging and addressing the pain associated with the experience. By confronting and healing from the mother wound, individuals can break free from negative patterns and build more fulfilling and healthy relationships with themselves and others.

It is only explained one on one. How attachment to negative self-talk destroys possibilities.

Awareness -  Acknowledgement -  Action.

Awareness followed by Acknowledgement followed by Action brings long-lasting results. This program will lead to conscious awareness and empower you to lead with courage.

This program has the power to drag you out of every and any parallel loops you are stuck in through your lineage & take you beyond your inherited notions. 

1. Recognise -  2. Realise -  3. Release - 4. Reclaim.

  1. Recognise, and identify your unique mind, and body type. There will be patterns known to you and those unknown to you, but through this simple yet deep process, you will be able to recognise them as being inherited. This program will then lead you to release the stuck quality and allow the free flow of the intelligence called life.
  2.  Realise. There are entangled useful memories that can be used and not removed. A happy memory got traumatised with an event that went horribly wrong. For example a party crashed by a bad news. A sad memory glorified & held onto because of the immediate attention it grabbed from others. These unnecessary entanglements are removed and the memory is made to use in the right direction.
  3. Release. Some few generations back, the lifestyle demanded we believe in curses, spells, vows, oaths and that remained stuck in our family line. Literal inheritance of responsibilities. Once you identify and release this property or quality, the response system will change and be more aligned with your life right now. The ability to respond thus will be more fulfilling and free.
  4. Reclaim. Replace the harmful & compulsive response with a conscious response. The term conscious is derived from consciousness. When you are aware you are choosing from freedom. When you are unaware you are choosing from habits and compulsion. This program will free you of your compulsive nature and bring you face-to-face with what you already knew deep down. Now you get to choose.

Program Workflow, Features & Content

Program Workflow & Features

Weekend Lives as per schedule for 2 consecutive weeks: 

Day 1 Saturday - 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Day 2 Sunday - 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Worksheets or PDFs are downloadable. You can thus access & use them lifelong.

Dedicated journaling.

Journals/worksheets are downloadable or printable.

  • During the weeks of the program, nature walks/swimming/yoga is suggested.
  • Avoid mindlessly scrolling social media. Even do a bit of pruning who you follow. What content you consume & clear cache memory from your gadgets. Clear your closet & drawers. Free more space in your house & work desk.
  • Avoiding trauma-induced foods such as dairy, eggs, and meat. The lesser trauma you infuse externally in your body the better.
  • Avoiding coffee & limiting tea consumption is advisable.
  • Instead of wheat choose rice or once a week avoid grains & lentils & dairy fully and eat vegetables(salads without dressing) & fruits.
  • Drink more plain(room temp) water. Avoid soda, and alcohol.

Post-program invitation to join our telegram & facebook group and practice live meditations with us.

Program Content

~see you inside ICWH~