Kamalika Roy

My Name Is Kamalika Roy. My name is Kamalika Roy and I am a meditation practitioner with over 23 years of experience. I have helped many individuals through my meditation training sessions and workshops. I have also been trained in spiritual healing for 6 years. I understand that stress, anxiety, and depression are common mental health issues that can affect anyone at any time. Having learned meditation, mindfulness & focus with the help of books by "Swami Vivekananda" and my deep interest in the subject, I have not just cured my own sleeping and anxiety issues, I have over the years helped many to Overcoming Negative Emotions, Anxiety, Overthinking And find balance, peace, and alignment in their daily life. Mission- In 2020 during the lockdown, I felt a deeper calling and moved to Manali, Himachal. During this time, I realized that just like COVID-19, stress can also spread from person to person like a human chain. That is why I have started a free meditation group to help people break the human chain of stress and reach a more mindful and fulfilled life. and become a Chain breaker by joining my mission.

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