Intuitive Reading

योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः ॥

Welcome to intuitive readings by Kamalika

Unlock the secrets of your soul with a personalized reading. Get a deep insight into your inner realms, with reference to your current life challenges and unlock your full potential. Kamalika takes guidance through the ‘I AM’ Consciousness and the heart of the Consciousness The Pulse, to deliver accurate and revealing readings within 48 hours. Followed by a self-healing meditation guideline. This is a 10 days process and you will receive 2 readings with 2 different sets of instructions to be followed during those 10 days.

What is an intuitive reading? How will it help you?

You are here, reading this note as an independent expression of the cosmos as a human being. This cosmos or the vast cosmic field is on a journey. This, if looked at without much depth, may look as random as it can be. But if looked at with depth, intimacy & closeness you will start to notice how nothing is a coincidence. There is a profound system, well organised, behind this whole process. Nothing is random or accidental. We are just not looking close enough and broad enough to identify the patterns to be a complete synchronicity.

When something goes off the balance in life or a challenge that is persistent for years, you may think it to be an accident or bad luck. At times you may feel overwhelmed and grief-stricken. Saddened or angry. But in the moments when you are in solitude or are calmer, you do have a deeper feeling of the real reason. Which is so obvious & brutally honest that you just cannot believe it. It’s also a brief moment so it’s easy to brush it off. So you do, brush it off.

The process Kamalika follows is through deeper meditation, and beyond the physical plane through her intuition and subtler awareness, to identify the challenge, trace its origins, identify the block and share it with you. Most of the time you will be able to resonate with it fully. Rarely you won’t and that’s fine.
This reading is also followed by a step-by-step easy to moderate breathwork, mindfulness and meditation process, to be self-practised by you, targeting releasing the blocks identified during the reading and reclaiming your space, freeing it of unnecessary negative perceptions you are carrying.

Whether it’s a career block, relationship issue, or personal growth challenge, we can help you navigate the challenges standing in your way and empower you to not just identify the current challenge but also fix it long-term as a perspective shift. The deeper you understand your purpose the more driven you are towards your goals naturally. The less distracted you are.

Opening up to possibilities beyond your perceived limits.



Original Price 15899 

  • 1:1 call with Kamalika
  • Personalized step-by-step instructions and a request to follow a natural lifestyle for the next 10 days.
  • Kamalika will share a complimentary personalized meditation & journaling process after the 10th day. Which can be practised for another 30 days.

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