Turn pain into power

स्थिरसुखमासनम् ॥Sutra 2.46

Efficient! Effortless! Effective.
Helps you in every area of your life.
Deep Clearing Blocks & bringing you to light.

3 Months Of Target Based &
Goal-Oriented Focus
can transform your perception to the concept of pain. Turn it into Power!

Pain is a portal that opens the window for numerous possibilities of something you are unwilling to look at with complete openness.

It pains you because you have closed or shut that portal for your compulsion towards staying comfortably numb in certain major areas of your life.

It's constantly vibrating to burst itself open. Hence a pain point whether physical or emotional keeps coming back to nudge you to look at it.

The process had already started when you acknowledge its existence for the very first time, consciously, in that tiny crack of time and forgot all about it.

It pains because you are sitting with rigidity and denying it access to your intelligence that has the unique programming to let it flow uniquely only through you. Only you are its unique possibility. You are it's only opportunity. It wants to express and experience itself through you.

Step away. Let it.

You Are Not The Problem. You Are The Solution.​

Be Firm! At Ease! And you are Present!

# Imagine this - every day when you wake up, you do not need an alarm anymore. You are always on time, and full of vitality and energy. Your life is aligned with your life purpose, and everything you do is to cater to your highest possibility. Most of your relationships are complimenting your journey. Your daily joy & fulfilment is independent of your situations. Your health is getting aligned to accommodate your spiritual growth. You have a deeper understanding of emotions & how exactly they work. You are walking on the path of your deeper interest and passion. This 3 months program is like handing over a magic wand to you. So what are you waiting for? Wands at the ready! Let's Begin!

Benefits & Shifts

Trauma Healing

Everyone, unless enlightened carries trauma. Our Planet is an organism. Our disconnection from plants & animals, our misdemeanour towards other forms of life and each other, is a major cause for our overall stored trauma. We are not only carrying our own (transgenerational) unprocessed trauma, we are picking up a similar frequency from other humans, animals and plants. Trauma Healing inside Awakening is learning how to process the trauma & not to further carry or transmit it to the world. Thereby breaking the (Human) Chain of Stress.

~Mindful Journaling~

Stress & Sleep

Stress is misunderstood & considered evil. It's also a catchword today. Without a proper understanding of what it is, you are only going to remain misguided, and continue to suffer through it. Stress is simply things breaking into motion. It is our attachment to a known outcome every time, and the inability, at times unwillingness to take things the way they are causes us STRESS. Suppressed stress leads to Anxiety or Depression. Or both. This will also disregard your sleep as you are far from being restful due to acute Stress. Or even if you sleep it won't be restful. And you will be fatigued throughout.

~Breath & Body Awareness~

Focus & Clarity

Lack of Focus & Clarity is not the real problem. They are manifestations of a much deeper problem. Distraction due to aversion to discomfort. When you are distracted you are attracted(addicted) to things that give you comfort because remaining focused on what is important brings KNOWN DISCOMFORT - (as it is breaking your limits & boundaries, leading you to real success). Naturally, it reminds you of your shortcomings & the tedious daily path that you must take. Clearing the mental impurities leads you to manifest a life aligned with your Soul's calling.

~Meditation - Dhyana~

Program Workflow, Features & Content

Program Workflow

This is personalised and your active involvement is required. 
For 6 weeks we would work together closely and understand clearly, cleanse & reprogram the concept of emotional and psychological pain to turn it into our power. 
Every week is a personalised breathing, topic & syllabus.

Basis our progress you will be encouraged and guided to re-evaluate your current life and understanding with respect to PAIN and then a 2 weeks self-practice will be shared with you for you to practice on your own. 

Worksheets or PDFs are downloadable. You can thus access & use them lifelong.

Dedicated journaling.

Journals/worksheets are downloadable or printable.

  • During the weeks of the program, nature walks/swimming/yoga is suggested.

  • Avoid mindlessly scrolling social media. Even do a bit of pruning who you follow. What content you consume & clear cache memory from your gadgets. Clear your closet & drawers. Free more space in your house & work desk.

  • Avoiding trauma-induced foods such as dairy, eggs, and meat are highly recommended. The lesser trauma you infuse externally in your body the better.

  • Avoiding coffee & limiting tea consumption is advisable.

  • Instead of wheat choose rice or once a week avoid grains & lentils & dairy fully and eat vegetables(salads without dressing) & fruits.

  • Drink more plain(room temp) water. Avoid soda, and alcohol.

You are given downloadable material that is short & crisp to repeat self-paced and deepen the practice.

Awareness followed by Acknowledgement followed by Action brings long-lasting results. This program will lead to conscious awareness and empower you to lead with courage.

During the 1st week occasional discomfort around your diaphragm, chest & heart chakra can be experienced and is normal. You know your body best but don't push it too much.

Post-program invitation to join our telegram & facebook group and practice live meditations with us.

Program Content

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