Free Meditation Programs @ Heal with Kamalika

योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः ॥

Welcome to our monthly,
theme-based live & recorded programs.


  • In order to track the progress & lead you to deeper healing, we request you be open to joining our Telegram Group & Facebook Group (closed). These 2 platforms help us deliver content for free.
  •  Every month we do a new program and preregistration is a must. Post which all details are shared with you via WhatsApp(temp grp). You only have access to the temp WhatsApp group & Facebook recordings for 1 month. Then we move to our new program & you must register once more.
  • Please only join when you are able to dedicate 30 min every weekend & 20 minutes 3-4 times during the weekday. You will be required to do daily journaling for your own progress. It’s a free program, your personal commitment & dedication is of utmost priority here.
  • Please do not disrespect the decorum of the group by quitting midway. We won’t be adding you in future purely because you are stressing your body more by joining something this deep and quitting whimsically. We want the best for your body.

Sign Up Form

Sign Up for Theme-Based Monthly Free Programs @ Heal with Kamalika. This is only available if you are already a part of Telegram & FB.


An active group of meditators led by Kamalika. Daily tips, journaling cues, weekend live meditations & monthly Q&As are the key elements of this group.

Facebook Closed Group

All live meditations are recorded & shared here along with tips & deeper knowledge on meditation & mindfulness.

Post Registration Steps...

  • First Thursday every month you are added to our Temp Whatsapp Group
  • First Saturday 7am our program starts.
  • Every Saturday we do our Live Program
  • The same live is recorded & uploaded on Facebook to be self-practised Sun – Fri.
  • Journaling Prompts will be shared post-Saturday Live Program.
  • Access to Temp Whatsapp Group & Recorded Program ends the First Thursday of Next Month.

Free Program Terms & More Details...

  • Age 18+ onwards
  • If you are suffering from severe anxiety or sleeping issues, is under any medication that affects your nervous system, you must consult with Kamalika before signing up.
  • You will be added to a temp whatsapp group. New group every month. Dissolving the old one.
  • Join Telegram & Facebook – for updates & recordings.
  • Attend at least the first 2 Lives.
  • Regularly practice the recorded meditations from FB.
  • Without Joining Telegram & FB you can’t join the Lives.
  • Access to the recorded lives is restricted till the first Thursday of the next month. Post which we move to our next program.
  • Zoom link & complete instructions are clearly mentioned in our whatsapp messages. Please read & prepare for the next 30 days.
  • If you missed our interesting & super transformative FREE programs, please don’t worry, we will make the recordings available at a nominal Fee later.