STAGE 3 - Awakening
Deeper Self-Healing

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Why this Program?

Step 1
Guilt to Grace -

A Journey from Forbearing to Clarity

The journey inwards, in the beginning, may feel turbulent. Once you have re-established a certain semblance with your own self, every dive within will bring out pearl after pearl, of wisdom & tranquillity. You will start feeling quieter in your mind, more stable & noise free in your gut - more often than you are otherwise. There will be a certain amount of increased confidence and expanded mental space. You will yourself able to process more complex and overwhelming emotions with ease and patience. Imagine your room where you are reading this passage right now – it is cluttered with every single item you ever laid your hands on, all your life. Piled on top of one another. Falling off the seams of the room. Up till the ceiling. Will you be able to sit quietly and comfortably and read this page? It will be impossible for you to even enter this space, forget about sitting comfortably. This will be someplace you wouldn’t ever want to lay your eyes on. Now if I told you this clutter has several valuable pieces, an expensive heirloom. A priceless piece of art. And several other items. You would lock it up immediately. However, chances are you wouldn’t immediately jump out of your couch to extract all those items. In fear of it will take forever. Too much chaos & a lot of dust. But the most important reason being –
1. it is mine and I can extract it anytime. And
2. I wonder what dreadful items are in that pile and how much time will it take to go through it.
This Is exactly the situation in your mind right now. It is cluttered hence the overthinking. It does contain valuable information that you are taking for granted hence the constant guilt.

Step 3
The Courage to BE -

A Journey from Attachment to Detachment

In the art of mindfulness, understanding the delicate dance between attachment and detachment is key. Imagine holding a beautiful, fragile butterfly in your hands. You admire its colors, its delicate wings, and its intricate patterns. But you know that if you hold on too tightly, if you're attached to keeping it forever, you might inadvertently harm it. Attachment is like clinging to that butterfly. It's an emotional tether to people, things, or ideas, often driven by fear of loss or change. While it's natural to have preferences and enjoy moments, when attachment becomes overwhelming, it can lead to suffering. It's as if we're gripping the butterfly so tightly that we lose sight of its beauty. Detachment, on the other hand, is like holding the butterfly gently, appreciating its presence while allowing it the freedom to flutter away. It's a state of non-clinging, where we're open to experiences, yet not enslaved by them. Detachment doesn't mean disinterest; rather, it's an inner peace that arises from letting go of rigid expectations and embracing impermanence. In mindfulness and meditation, we practice detachment by observing our thoughts and emotions without judgment, allowing them to come and go like passing clouds. We learn to appreciate the present moment without being swept away by it. This balance between attachment and detachment guides us towards a more harmonious relationship with ourselves and the world around us. So, let's hold the butterfly of life with a gentle, open hand – savoring its beauty, yet knowing that its essence lies in its freedom to move on.

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2 Months


Original Price 88,999/-

Special Fee on offer till 31st Dec 2023

  • Prerequisite – Successful completion & evaluation of Stage 1 + 2
  • 2 Months of the Program 
  • 4 New Program delivered in 9 days
  • Complimentary Access to the recordings.
  • Downloadable worksheets/workbooks with lifetime access.
  • Group Sessions with choice of slots.

value offered worth INR 1,81,194/- +

Online Retreat - 9 Days Live - 4.5 hrs Each

Step 1 - Guilt to Grace (Days 1 & 2)

Step 2 -  Shadow Healing(Days 3 & 4)

Step 3 - The Courage to Be (Days 5 & 6)

Step 4 - Flow State (Days 7, 8, 9)

Total Value = 103,994/-

Modules Taught + Lifetime access to written material & worksheets - 30000/-

+ 2 Months Access to Recordings - 2200/-

Total Value - 32200/-


Post 9 days of online retreat we strongly recommend Self-Practice for the next 60 Days through the recorded modules for embodying the process. This is the deepest part of the program. And there is no alternative to self work.


You are also given 2 phone call support and unlimited whatsapp support. Whenever you are stuck during these 2 months ask and clear your doubts.

You may share voice notes and chats and you will be guided within 24hrs max.
You may schedule 1:1 calls 30 Minutes each as per your requirements. During these 2 months. Average 1 call per month.

These are complimentary calls.
Purely basis your progress during the program and the challenges you may be, are acing.

We do not do counselling. These are consultation & discussion calls.
Please always stick to the schedule and try not to cancel it last minute.

Scheduled calls - 30 Min each - 1500/-
Total - 2 * 1500/- = 3000

A(145994/-) + B(32200/-) + C(3000/-) = 181194/- INR

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