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Telegram group rules, instructions & intention – With our support for a massive inner transformation within 3-6 months if you are consistent & clear your doubts whenever you have them. We have both Free as well as paid Personalized/Group, Online & Residential Options, offering programs on interesting and deeper topics, to lead you to a clearer & fulfilled daily life. Welcome to our community. Learn(Free) & Heal(Paid) with us.

  1. Group dedicated to sharing information on schedules of the Free & Paid programs by Heal with Kamalika. 
  2. Weekly Mindfulness tips. Monthly Blogs & Articles. Monthly newsletters. 
  3. Kamalika will answer basic questions related to Mindfulness, anxiety, sleeping issues & other daily life challenges-related questions. We humbly request you to not share any of your personal or intimate challenges with the group and book a scheduled call with Kamalika to discuss it further.
  4. A monthly Q&A is held where you can clear all your doubts. Please join them if you have practised for at least a month with us.
  5. If you are not interested in using the recorded meditations or joining the lives, no question related to the practice will be answered.
  6. In 2023 we are hosting Theme Based Monthly Programs. Which shall be prescheduled, and an early sign-up is needed. If you joined this group after the program started, please join the next one, the following month. Go to our Facebook group and start meditating with the recordings provided there.
  7. To Join the Monthly Free Programs: Please share your email ID & WhatsApp number with Kamalika & join the Lives (compulsory) for at least the first week, then may use the recordings on Facebook to finish the program.
  8. You will be sent an email with the Program Schedule & Live Date, Timings & the Zoom Link, along with regular follow-up emails & notifications to track & lead your progress.
  9. The Facebook recordings will be available till the month’s end; one must finish the monthly task in the same month.
  10. A feedback link will be shared with you. We request you, share with us your experience for the month so we can learn from you too.
  11. If you wish to Join our Paid Scheduled or Self-Paced Programs, please go to our website – https://healwithkamalika.com/ and explore. Kamalika will happily clear your doubts & give you recommendations, but she will never suggest or motivate you to join any. Her way of teaching is based on your individual interest. Her wish is – ‘You listen to your Heart & Body for Guidance.’
  12. Every week tips & content will be shared with you in detail, basis the programs that are on offer. The reason being most of the time we are unaware of a possibility of an improved lifestyle & outlook on life. We want to make you aware that a life with daily fulfilment is a 100% possibility.
  13. Please never share any content without the prior approval of Group Admins. It will immediately be deleted. Repeated shares will be removed from the group.
  14. MMA hosts residential programs in Lahaul, Himachal. Watch out for our announcements, thrice a year.

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