Specialized Corporate Training Program

Frequent burnouts. Loss of Focus. Feelings of displeasure & lack of Confidence. Brain fog. Silently suffering. Quietly quitting or shutting down. Frequently dealing with health issues.

If your colleagues or you are facing situations like this we can help you fix them & more. Help you replace brain fog with clarity. Anxiety with calm. Displeasure with fulfillment. Replace fatigue & exhaustion with a fresh lease of energy & free time to enjoy activities that you always put on hold due to lack of time or energy.

Kamalika Your Meditation Coach

What You Can Expect

We aspire to make this process easy to access and a go-to practice for anyone who wants to fix their mental health challenges without leaving their desk. Elaborating on what meditation & mindfulness are, how exactly they work in the mind & body; and how they may extend this simple practice & use the techniques at work & life overall, making life effortless. I make it super relatable because I not only have successfully cured anxiety, insomnia & depression for many, I have elaborately worked in a high-pressure performance-based job and am pretty aware of the demands.

Program Inclusions & Optional Extras

Zoom & GoogleMeet

All of our sessions can be delivered online via Zoom Sessions.

We tailor-make every single program to make the best match between what you need, and what we do. Let’s start with a conversation about what you’re looking for, and how we can help. Send us an email at info@healwithkamalika.com to get started!

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Major emotional challenges at the workplace & important solutions - our Blog posts!

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What is Stress @workplace

Every workplace is a high-intensity, fast-paced & result-oriented environment. There is a lot of competition, which is also influenced by the success defined by society.

WHY Stress?

We believe we have time. If we come to terms with the fact that we don’t know how much time we got, we will never go down with stress and will take it as a driving force, pay more attention to life, take more risks, and explore many more possibilities.

Scared of office Politics?

Chasing bosses during smoke zones, bonding over gossip & all other trivial stuff in the name of 'networking' cannot get one up the ladder. It makes one someone who cannot be relied upon, in the long run.

Benefits of Meditation @Workplace

I got you covered here. There is a quick and effective way to shift from the mindset that is causing you stress, without leaving your desk. Unless you absolutely want to. It’s a simple daily practice of Pratyahara (turning inward) & Dhyana(meditation).

Daily meditation & increased productivity.

A simple practice of daily meditation trains one to cut out distractions, be more confident in the right now, more observing the situation with a detached outlook. The necessary analysis of the situation and choosing when to respond and when to react.
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Are you Sleeping Alright?

Can I be straightforward here? If you aren’t sleeping well then you have a poor relationship with yourself. How so? Your body is not confident that you are capable of keeping it alive if it’s not alert. Hence your body won't let you fall asleep, by staying awake.

A quick 5 minute meditation at work - I will carve out time for you.

Uploading that heavy project file? Waiting for your client to arrive? Waiting for the meeting to begin? Waiting for your team to gather around for the meeting? Or simply taking a 5 minutes breather to relax from anything that is bothering you?

Meditating 21 Minutes a Day keeps anxiety & addictions at bay

I have planned it with spiritual guidance, my intuition & my experience of working with several individuals & curing them of insomnia over 30 years, anxiety over 10 years, and depression over 3-5 years so far.

The miracles of a quick meditation - right before an important event

Let’s say you have an interview lined up, or a sales call, or a review and you are naturally feeling anxious. Your heart is racing. Your adrenaline is high.

Immediate & Long term Benefits for your organisation

Better cooperation

Requirements & Planning with Group Size & Fee Structure

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