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Focus on your RESPONSE!

Why do I ask you to only Focus on your RESPONSE?

Think about it.

Every situation – a conversation, that project you are working on, the lunchtime conversations, the parties you attend, the vacations you go to; that latest gadget you got yourself, the car you drive, the food you eat. Your personal space. Your home, family.

Everything that is happening around matters only if it is based on and felt through your response towards each one of them. How you respond to the little things and to the big things is all that really matters. If you are neutral in a situation or are unaffected by it, then it doesn’t really matter.


As they say, it’s all MIND over MATTER.

Hence, if you don’t MIND, it doesn’t really MATTER.


So let’s see how we constantly and continuously mind everything around us, take it to heart and forget about this miracle that nature has presented us with, minding our own response.

Technically, when someone rudely instructs us to mind our own business, we shouldn’t be taking it rudely, rather to be the need of the hour and start to bring our focus inwards and mind our response. Because only our response is our business. Nothing else can ever be our business. It’s just not possible. Because unless we respond nothing really happens. Existence as we know it, is basis our response to it.

You may then ask, what if I simply keep quiet, keep away, do not respond.

Well then I would tell you that this mere thought you are thinking that I won’t respond, is your response. This choice you took of not responding, reacting and staying away is your response.

Silence is a response. Retaliation is a response. Bad mouthing is a response. Defending someone who is not present at the table is a response. Keeping quiet at the face of conflict is a response. Looking away from an injured stray animal is a response. Killing a mosquito is a response. Letting others abuse you in whichever way is a response. Thinking about how you must respond, in that very moment is a response.

Thus, it doesn’t matter at all on what situation we are in, but everything to do it how is our response to it. The response decides and governs the next moment. And the next. And so on.
The more you focus on this you transform your daily life such that you literally witness one moment leading to another seamlessly. Isn’t it a miracle in itself?

1 thought on “Focus on your RESPONSE!”

  1. Absolutely stunning idea..
    Never thought of this whole situation like this..
    You have put it so simply.. just focus on your own response.. wow.. simply wow..
    Great going kamalika…Thank You so much.

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