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If u are going through any stress.. Depression… Anxiety.. Pls take this course once.

Kamalika.. Naam me he kamaal h .. I get to know about this course from Facebook.. Was going through depression.. Wanted to kill my 8 months old.. And kill my self at that time.. Had no confidence .. Was extremely shy.. Tried Isha kriya… Headspace.. Bt all in vain.. Then thought to try this course… Bt us time mujhe lag raha tha paise de rahi hu.. Pata nhin theek hoga ya nhin.. Vo b Sare paise ek sath.. Bt husband bole.. Koi nhin agar tum 10 percent b theek hote ho na is se… Aur tumhara man h.. To mai sochunga paise vasool ho gaye.. Aise bol kr payment kar d.. Umeed bahut kam thi.. Bt mujhe 1 week me he bahut fark dekhne ko mila.. Mera gussa kam ho gaya.. Thoda shyness kam hui.. Confidence aane laga.. Ab 20 months ho gaye.. Abhi b kuch problem hoti h.. Kamalika reply karti h.. Aisa nhin course khatam to ab koi help nhin.. She is always here for us.. I m bit lazy now.. Bt she always pushes me to meditate.. It really helps… Everybody around me is enjoying new me… Aur sabse jyada mai.. Kyuki pehle confidence na hone se mai apne liye stand nHi n le paati thi.. Ab mai sab kaam karti hu.. Bina hesitation k.. Confidence se.. Han mai introvert abhi b hu.. Bt kaam chal raha h us per bhi. . Kamalika is very good and jolly.. Replies all my silly questions with patience . . I feel the bond we share now..will always like this.. I got a new friend in this journey . .. Earlier I used to blame everyone for my condition.. Now I know it’s not always others.. If u are going through any stress.. Depression… Anxiety.. Pls take this course once.. And see the change.. Thank you kamalika for changing my life.. Thank you so much dear

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