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This program was a turning point for me.

This program was a turning point for me. Either I found this program or it found me. But it came to me at a time when I was grasping at straws and nothing seemed to provide an answer. The experience of ‘I Am’ did away with the need for an answer. With every day and every week I touched upon realisations about my emotions and their accompanied sensations which rooted me further in calmness and balance. I was able to deal with previously stressful events with clarity and without panic. The structure of the program, the breathing techniques are perfectly designed to calm the mind, connect to the now and then dive right in. A powerful program with experience of both the immensity and simplicity of ‘I Am’. This along with the intuitive wisdom of Kamalika and the generosity with which she shares it makes it one of the most wonderful experiences. Thank you Kamalika. Much gratitude and love.

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