STAGE 2 - Deeper Processing
Deeper Self-Healing

Process in Detail - 3 Months

Why this Program?

You are now ready & steady to delve even deeper. Your pain is a symptom, not the real challenge. By pain we mean both physical and emotional. This is where the Real Clearing begins. It relieves you of much deeper unprocessed trauma. Getting out of your head and doing the work at the body level. Feeling, facing, releasing, freeing space - retaining the space.

A roller coaster ride as the nervous system regulates itself to eventually get stronger and more balanced. But the process is shaky and turbulent and naturally we need comfort and a safe space to do the work with grace. Most people get stuck here, as they literally start to consider their healing journey their only identity and their healing group and facilitators become the only people they can relate with. This is a huge escape mechanism; yet another unconscious coping strategy. No real work is happening any longer and individuals are running in loops.

Don't give up here, or get attached to the process or the practice and soon you will start to see every trigger as an opportunity to look inside and you will no more hesitate to take the rightful action. Conscious not compulsive action is of utmost importance here. Most people do not show up with the courage to wait and be patient. They constantly run in loops of
~Compulsive Action <> Healing~

@ Heal with Kamalika we train and guide you to deeply process your attachment to pain as your unconscious comfort zone. And you finally stop considering yourself to be a victim, a chanced birth. And start to truly understand that your every deep pain is simply a potential and is ready to burst itself open and allow the planetary energy to freely flow through you; as you.

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Let's break the human chain of stress together

Waking up so you can Sleep Undisturbed

3 Months


Original Price 80,897/-

  • Prerequisite – Successful completion & evaluation of Stage 1
  • 2.5 Months of the Program 
  • 1 New Program & 1 Repeat.
  • Complimentary Access to the recordings.
  • Downloadable worksheets/workbooks with lifetime access.
  • Group Sessions if available.

value offered worth INR 1,03,297/- +

Step 1 - Pain to Power - 2 Weeks Live + 2 months Self Practice

Step 2 - Presence, Time is the Now - 2 Days Live Only - No recording available.

Total - 80897 

Modules Taught + Lifetime access to written material & worksheets - 15000/-

+ 4 Months Access to Recordings - 4400/-

Total Value - 19400/-

You may share voice notes and chats and you will be guided within 24hrs max.
You may schedule 1:1 calls 30 Minutes each as per your requirements. During these 2.5 months. Average 1 call per month.

These are complimentary calls.
Purely basis your progress during the program and the challenges you may be, are acing.

We do not do counselling. These are consultation & discussion calls.
Please always stick to the schedule and try not to cancel it last minute.

Scheduled calls - 30 Min each - 1500/-
Total - 2 * 1500/- = 3000

A(80897/-) + B(19400/-) + C(3000/-) = 1,03,297/- INR

I AM Kamalika

My name is Kamalika Roy and I am a meditation practitioner with over 23 years of experience. I have also been trained in spiritual healing for 6 years. I have helped my self and many individuals through my meditation training sessions and workshops

“To Overcoming Negative Emotions, Anxiety And Overthinking.”

So, Join My Mission To Break The Human Chain Of Stress.

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